Plasmatreat and AKRO-PLASTIC become system partners – Increased strength of plastic to metal bonds in the injection molding process

The innovative process solution of Leonhard Enneking (left) from Plasmatreat and Edgar Düvel (right) from AKRO-PLASTIC gave rise to the system partnership between the two companies

The German companies Plasmatreat GmbH from Steinhagen and AKRO-PLASTIC from Niederzissen officially announced their system partnership at the start of the New Year.

Key account and project managers Leonhard Enneking and Edgar Düvel have spent the last two years working on a successful system solution which aims to achieve an unrivalled strong joint of plastic compounds and metal in the injection molding process. Arthur Grishin, Project Leader Industrial Coating Processes in Plasmatreat's R&D department, is responsible for the scientific implementation of the project. A member of the Plasmatreat research group involved in the joint project EFFICOAT conducted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in 2011 who also specializes in the production of functional plasma polymer coatings for rubber-to-metal bonds, Grishin was instrumental in integrating existing experiences and results into the new system solution. The innovative procedure is based on tailoring all three components – the atmospheric pressure plasma, the plasma polymer adhesion-promoting layer and the plastic recipe to mutual requirements.

In addition to pretreating the metal with Openair-Plasma®, the new development uses the PlasmaPlus® process. The technology patented by Plasmatreat and the Fraunhofer IFAM enables functional plasma polymer nanocoatings to be generated under normal atmospheric pressure. Different precursors are added to the plasma to produce coatings with different functional characteristics and chemical compositions. In this case the precursor was adapted to the adhesive characteristics of the new plastic compounds. Co-partner and plastic pellet manufacturer AKRO-PLASTIC, for their part, has developed compounds specifically for this plasma technology to ensure that their chemical compositions are precisely matched to the plasma polymer adhesion-promoting layers.

The development has already reached the stage of involving component-based projects devised by plastic processors in the electronics industry, the automotive sector and other branches of industry. The two medium-sized companies will put their innovative strength to the test when they perform a live demonstration of the new process for the benefit of tradeshow visitors at the 'K' in the autumn.


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