Today’s challenges are tomorrow’s achievements – review of the Plasmatreat ISTC 2017

At the Plasmatreat Group’s sixteenth International Sales & Technology Conference in January, CEO Christian Buske welcomed guests, representatives and managerial staff from all over the world to the Gerry Weber Sportpark Hotel in Halle/Westphalia.

With the three Plasmatreat technologies Openair® plasma, PlasmaPlus® and Plasma-SealTight clearly already an integral part of our future, the main topic of the five-day conference was their use in the research, development and manufacturing of products for tomorrow’s world.

Whether in the construction of electric cars or the development of 3D-printed vehicles, the bonding of lightweight structures or the production of new hybrid compounds – plasma plays a part. Atmospheric pressure plasma technology from Steinhagen is found everywhere – from UV digital printing, LED chip manufacturing or disinfection and sterilization to research into living cells and organisms.

“Today’s challenges are our achievements of tomorrow”, said Buske, referring to what motivates him and his team. Material combinations and products which were inconceivable yesterday suddenly become a reality, and that means that innumerable material surfaces are simply waiting to be discovered by plasma.

Scientists and company experts travelled from the USA, the Netherlands and Germany for the highlight of the conference, the “Speakers’ Day”. Their fascinating talks – which addressed the potential of plasma for future surface processes from different perspectives – were very well received by the conference attendees.

In addition to the informative series of lectures, the main purpose of the annual ISTC is to provide a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences and fostering intercultural dialogue between sales staff and representatives from 35 different countries. Buske: “These events promote not just professional cooperation, but personal contacts, which are key to the commercial success of any multinational company.”

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