Tradeshow review: Plasmatreat wows visitors at the 1st JOINING JAPAN in Tokyo

The 1st JOINING JAPAN is Asia’s latest international platform showcasing innovative adhesive and joining technologies for automotive engineering, shipbuilding and aerospace, electronics and the construction industry. Visitors from all over the world attended the inaugural show, which took place within the ‘Highly-functional Material Week 2017’ from 5 - 7 April in Japan's capital city.

Plasmatreat Japan’s spectacular new stand design and fascinating plasma demonstrations wowed visitors to the show who were keen to discover more about the use of pretreatment with atmospheric pressure plasma for adhesive processes.

Under the guidance of Hideto Niwa, Vice President of Nihon Plasmatreat Inc, the team of five (Hideto Niwa, Yuji Tanaka, Takeharu Aoki, Wataru Mizuno and Misako Murayama) focused on reaching out to very diverse industry professionals by highlighting the enormous potential of Openair® plasma technology for adhesive and joining processes. Live demonstrations showed visitors how optimum adhesive results can be achieved on plastics such as polypropylene, polycarbonate and polyamide, metals such as titanium, stainless steel and aluminum, silicone rubber or even glass using nothing other than a plasma treatment lasting a matter of seconds – and no solvent-based chemicals. 

Plasma LIVE

1. Robot-assisted multiple plasma treatment

An Openair® plasma nozzle controlled by a 6-axis KUKA robot performed a continuous sequence of ultrafine cleaning and activation on three different objects, each of which underwent a different downstream process:

  • Football: Pretreatment of a round plastic surface before customized printing with a digital ink jet printer
  • Bottle screw cap: Pretreatment of the plastic surface before pad printing
  • Circuit boards (PCB/SMT): Pretreatment of the plastic surface before conformal coating


2. Live Lab

The Plasmatreat Live Lab offers stand visitors at trade shows in many different countries a unique opportunity to test different materials themselves. At this show, there were two aims: To prove optimal wettability of a plasma-treated surface and enhancement of its adhesive characteristics. Samples of the eight materials mentioned above were provided for each visitor to test, which met with a very enthusiastic response.

With a fifty percent rise in visitor numbers, the team at Plasmatreat Japan can look back on a highly successful tradeshow and are already looking forward to the next JOINING JAPAN in 2018.


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