Team Plasmatreat – Sport meets engineering

Climbing 18,200 meters for a good cause: Team Plasmatreat with cyclists David Buske (left), Angela Fröschl (right) and team member Lukas Buske (middle)

Modern bicycle production creates countless opportunities for using Openair-Plasma® technology. High-performance adhesives in the wheel hub area allow innovative material combinations which bring about significant weight savings, while applications for carbon surface modification offer tremendous scope for new product ranges. Against this backdrop, at the end of 2014 Plasmatreat came up with the idea of establishing a cycle racing team and actively engaging in this sport as Team Plasmatreat.

The cyclists were provided with high quality equipment which had been manufactured with the aid of Plasmatreat systems engineering. The athletes joined forces with fit-2b in Steinhagen, who assisted them with bike fitting, training and improving their performance. Racing bike clothing in corporate colors gave the team a stylish and dynamic appearance at diverse events.

The team has been exceptionally active, especially in 2017. In addition to their outstanding sporting achievements, they have also taken up a good cause: Team Plasmatreat started this year's racing season with the motto ‘Conquer the altitude – save lives". They have set up their own campaign on the »« online donation platform to support the German Bone Marrow Donors' Registry (DKMS) in the fight against blood cancer.

Two prestigious events on the cycle racing scene were chosen to highlight their campaign: The Transalp tour at the end of June, an 867-kilometer race right across the Alps from Sonthofen in Germany to Arco on Lake Garda in Italy. The two team cyclists Angela Fröschl and David Buske had to climb a daunting 18,200 meters of altitude during the tour. For the racing duo, the six stages proved the ideal preparation for the second fixture in the racing calendar, the 37th Ötztaler Cycling Marathon, a 238-kilometer race with 5500 meters of ascent.

During the races and in the press coverage of training sessions, Team Plasmatreat regularly encouraged people on social media to register as bone marrow donors. Much to everyone's delight, the campaign has already raised € 682 for the DKMS. 

The fundraising campaign is still ongoing:


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