Powerful performance – Plasma-SealTight® impresses the US automotive industry

Showtime: In this test, the metal and plastic hook (red circle) coated in the Plasma-SealTight® process effortlessly holds up a 550-kg bag of plastic granules. (Photo: Plasmatreat)

Livonia, Michigan, USA. Akro-Plastic GmbH hosted TechDay 2017 on 21 September in conjunction with its American representative Chemigon on the subject of ‘Lightweighting Parts Utilizing Advanced Technology’. The main focus of the event was Plasma-SealTight® technology.

In the automotive industry, intelligent lightweight designs are crucial for ensuring compliance with increasingly strict environmental legislation. Consequently, the invitation from the German plastic compound specialist was very well received: Around 60 representatives from innovative companies attended the event at technology company SA Engineering’s Technology Center, including car manufacturers such as GM, FORD, FCA, Tesla and Toyota and automotive suppliers such as Flex-N-Gate, Magna and Continental.

Fascinating presentations about new technologies and products in the field of lightweight plastics engineering from Engel (injection molding machines), Akro-Plastic (plastic compounds), Axia Materials (organic sheeting) and Ejot (fasteners) set the scene for Plasmatreat's first in-depth presentation of Plasma-SealTight® (PST) hybrid technology in the USA. Global Market Segment Manager Edgar Düvel (Plasmatreat Deutschland) began with a detailed introduction of the new plasma sealing technology jointly developed by Plasmatreat and Akro-Plastic in the last three years for creating strong, media-tight hybrid bonds in injection molding processes.

It still held. The 'strong hook’ used in the TechDay demonstration was simply a test specimen which had been plasma-coated and bonded in the quick-test hot pressing process, after which the top metal section was bent over.

Then Düvel and his North American colleagues Tim Smith(Vice President Operations), Khoren Sahagian (Head of R&D), John Philip (Sales & Business Development Manager) and Nathaniel Eternal (Application Engineer) had a special surprise in store for the guests. The PTU1212 Plasma-SealTight unit from Plasmatreat's new Technology Center in Hayward, California had been brought specially to Livonia to coat hybrid parts.

The live demonstration showed how the stainless-steel insert is initially pre-cleaned with Openair® plasma in the plasma cell, then provided with a PST coating and finally bonded with a plastic tensile bar made from AKROMID® B3 GF30 1 PST black (6647) in a quick-test hot pressing process. To the delight of the visitors, each was invited to test their own human tensile strength on a bonded part.

“Our presence at the Akro-Plastic-TechDay 2017 has given Plasma-SealTight® technology a clear profile in the USA”, summarized Düvel with satisfaction. “The feedback on the day and afterwards was unanimous – powerful performance!

Smiles all round for Team Plasmatreat: Edgar Düvel, Tim Smith, John Philip und Nathaniel Eternal (from left to right) are delighted by the success of the presentation and the visitors’ overwhelmingly positive response to the Plasma-SealTight® technology


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