A Heart for Plasma

Review: Plasmatreat Japan at AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 2018


Tokyo. The Japanese AUTOMOTIVE WORLD is one of the most important international events for advanced automotive technologies. It encompasses several specialist shows, including the Lightweight Technology Expo, where the Japanese Plasmatreat Team exhibited very successfully in January.

"Plasma - the key to progress in the automotive industry!" Under this maxim the Nihon Plasmatreat Inc. team presented Plasmatreat's latest technical developments at this year's exhibtion.

Exhibition highlight PCU-M

The most important innovation that the team presented to tradeshow visitors was the PCU-M, the latest generation plasma control unit. This compact, high-tech unit unites extensive plasma control functions in an SMD assembly specific to the nozzle. It can measure the current density and electrical output of the plasma, select the nozzle, or control and monitor the speed of rotary nozzles. In addition to a wealth of other functions, it can also set parameters such as voltage and frequency.

Takeharu Aoki shows a visitor how the new PCU-M plasma control unit works

Plasma LIVE Lab

The Plasma LIVE Lab is now an established part of every Plasmatreat tradeshow stand, wherever you are in the world. Visitors to the stand at AUTOMOTIVE WORLD could choose from eight different materials (stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, glass, polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyamide and silicone rubber) to test the various plasma systems.


Plasma LIVE: A heart for plasma

A test strip was used for a very special demonstration: Marketing assistant Misako Murayama showed the amazed onlookers how "adhesion without adhesive" works in four simple steps. Or in other words, how to stick together sections of a silicone rubber (SR) strip by plasma activation alone. Skilled in the art of Origami, Misako Murayama transformed the test strip into a tiny heart – a creative marketing idea which proved highly effective: So impressed were the visitors that the team ran out of freebies in record time!


Step 1: Pretreat the middle of the SR sample with Openair-Plasma® on one side
Step 2: Fold the strip and press together the plasma-treated area
Step 3: Pretreat the outside of the two ends
Step 4: Turn the sample round and press the plasma-treated surfaces together
Step 5: Adhesion entirely without glue! Plasma activation is enough to bond the SR surfaces by simply applying finger pressure.


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