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Construction of Plasmatreat Technology Center in Steinhagen begins

Architectural design for cutting edge technology. By early 2019 the Plasmatreat headquarters will be home to the company’s largest technology and customer center worldwide. (Photo: Plasmatreat / Gerber Architekten)

Plasmatreat held a symbolic "Spatenstich" (ground-breaking ceremony) in beautiful spring sunshine on 26 March to mark the official start of construction works for the international Plasmatreat Technology Center in Steinhagen.

Creating space for inspiration and innovation: Christian Buske, CEO of Plasmatreat GmbH and CEO of the Plasmatreat Group (Photo: Plasmatreat)

Employees, guests and dignitaries from industry, politics and local governance – including Klaus Besser, Mayor of Steinhagen, CDU councillor and chair of the Construction Committee, Herbert Mikoteit, CDU member of the state parliament Raphael Tigges, director of the Bielefeld branch of the East Westphalia Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dr. Christoph von der Heiden, as well as Frank Brüggemann and Marco Rüter from the Bielefeld Sparkasse bank – were invited to a champagne reception and spring barbecue.

Plasmatreat CEO Christian Buske together with his son Magnus and production manager Holger Timpe took up their spades and cut the first sod for the foundations of the new Technology Center to great applause from all the onlookers.

Flowers for the boss: Dirk Lechthoff from internal construction planning congratulates Christian Buske on behalf of the employees. (Photo: Plasmatreat)

Scheduled for completion in spring 2019, the 1400 square meter building designed by internationally renowned Dortmund architectural firm Gerber Architekten will seamlessly merge with existing buildings at the headquarters of the Plasmatreat Group. Plasmatreat is investing five million euros in this new construction project, which is to be the company's largest center for plasma research and systems development worldwide as well as a technical and communications hub for business partners and customers from all over the world.

"It is only because we constantly strive to sharpen our technological edge that we are in this market-leading position today", says Buske. But to maintain it, the company needs more space for its technicians, engineers and scientists and their equipment and laboratories as well as a prestigious setting to showcase its performance to a constantly growing international customer base.

Christian Buske thanks the mayor of Steinhagen Klaus Besser (left) for his help and support with the construction project. (Photo: Plasmatreat)

The two-storey building featuring cutting-edge architecture has clearly defined functional levels: The whole of the lower floor will be dedicated to Research & Development and Applications Engineering, whilst the upper floor will house meeting and conference rooms, as well as a seminar room with accompanying foyer designed to accommodate nearly 200 people.


Cutting the first sod for the Plasmatreat Technology Center, Steinhagen. From left: Magnus Buske, production manager Holger Timpe and CEO Christian Buske (photo: Plasmatreat)

Additional jobs will be created on completion of the construction project. Plasmatreat plans to recruit over twenty new employees, mainly to boost Research & Development, Design and customer service- and production-related areas. As well as engineers and scientists in various disciplines, the new Technology Center will require qualified skilled workers and technicians with a mechatronic background for the industrial automation department. There will also be exciting opportunities for service engineers for worldwide commissioning assignments. Click here to view the jobs listings and submit an application:


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