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Applying a Plasma-SealTight® sealing layer to the metal insert before injection molding ensures the long-time stable, media-resistant adhesion of plastic-to-metal bonds

The Plasma-SealTight® hybrid process jointly developed by system partners Plasmatreat and Akro-Plastic is continuing to chart a successful course. At Fakuma 2018, one of the leading specialist events for industrial plastics processing, Plasmatreat will be showcasing the technology, which this year won an SPE Automotive Award.

This process employs a functional plasma-polymer sealing layer generated under atmospheric pressure combined with tailor-made plastic compounds to ensure the long-time stable, media-resistant adhesion of plastic-to-metal bonds in injection molding. The dry, environmental friendly process completely replaces the cleaning and priming processes frequently used with hybrid injection molding. It also eliminates the need for process steps such as intermediate storage and drying, enabling components to be further processed immediately after coating.

All inclusive: the turnkey, fully automatic PTU1212 plasma cell

All inclusive: PTU1212 plasma cell
Plasmatreat will be presenting the turnkey, fully automatic PTU1212 plasma cell, which will be used to demonstrate microfine cleaning and simultaneous activation of plastic components and explain the coating technique of metal inlays prior to injection molding. The cell can be adapted to suit any conventional injection molding machine. It contains everything the processes need, from generator, robot, control technology, PCU plasma control unit and plasma jets to cables and consumables. Users can increase or reduce the system's scope as required or restrict it for other pretreatment processes.

Plasma LIVE Lab
Visitors to the booth will also be invited to pretreat their own plastic components at the Plasma LIVE Lab. Here we will demonstrate how activation with Openair-Plasma® increases the surface energy of plastics in selective areas in seconds to achieve homogenous wettability without using wet chemicals or other foreign media. Visitors will be able to perform a test ink or contact angle measurement to determine the surface tension of their component before plasma treatment. The component will then be remeasured after plasma treatment.


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Fakuma 2018: from October 16 - 20 in Friedrichshafen, Germany
Hall A1, Booth 1423


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