Plasmatreat offers new online service "Book a demo” to customers

To promote the use of plasma technology within the electronics manufacturing industry, Plasmatreat USA, Inc. is launching a new online service for interested parties and existing customers in January 2020. This service intents to make it as easy as possible to start using Openair-Plasma® and to show its benefits with a short demonstration.

Plasma, the fourth state of matter, can be produced from gases by introducing a sufficient amount of energy via electric discharge. This energy ionizes the gas molecules; producing a stream of free electrons, free radicals, atomic ions, and molecular fragments. The high chemical potentials of the plasma components can be leveraged to modify the surface energies and chemistries of a litany of materials. A novel nozzle design introduced by Plasmatreat in 1995 has made it possible for a wide variety of industries to utilize ambient pressure, Openair-Plasma for their target processes and production activities.

The constantly increasing packaging densities on printed circuit boards and the associated miniaturization call for a change in surface treatment as these requirements continue to grow. "Few electronics manufacturers are actively considering the use of plasma technology, even though it offers many benefits, especially for the PCB assembly," says Hardev Grewal, CEO of Plasmatreat USA, Inc. That is why the US subsidiary of Plasmatreat GmbH, Germany will offer interested customers convenient access to display the process using the customers own samples.

"We built the landing page to provide information on the applications related to assembly production and make it possible to register for "Book a demo," explains Grewal. Book a demo offers free, short, customized demos via live stream on certain days of the month. Anyone interested can register online at The scope of the demo will be discussed in a short telephone call in advance. The customer can send samples for the demo, which are then processed in the live stream using Openair-Plasma®. "Should the customer not have any samples available or should he not be allowed to submit any samples, we can also demonstrate the technology using our samples," says Grewal.

Book a demo targets applications focusing on micro-cleaning of contact surfaces of lead frames, printed circuit board production, where oxidation layers can be removed from copper surfaces using plasma, as well as the preliminary process for cleaning the printed circuit board prior to conformal coating and up to the final manufacturing of a device. In addition to the technical demonstration, the entire process is presented and explained to the customer in detail. "Afterwards we return the participants sample so that it can be inspected and tested," Grewal continues.

The short demonstrations thus give anyone interested a quick insight into the possibilities of the Openair-Plasma® technology. "Many large companies have been using our technology for years. But Openair-Plasma® technology is also well suited for the production of small and medium-sized production volumes. With our demos we want to contribute to a shift within the industry. Because Openair-Plasma® is safe, reliable, reproducible, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly," explains Grewal.


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