Fascinating insights into the future of plasma technology

Plasmatreat’s 19th International Sales and Technology Conference shed light on several new findings.

What impact does plasma technology have on the development of new materials? This was one of the many exciting questions that lay at the heart of Plasmatreat’s 19th International Sales and Technology Conference.  Company employees from all over the world met with representatives from science and industry to discuss the latest trends and developments in plasma surface treatment.

The conference program included workshops and presentations on numerous aspects of the innovative process which, among other things, enables reliable adhesive bonds to be created between previously incompatible materials.

In her presentation, Professor Farzaneh Arefi-Khonsari from the Sorbonne University in Paris showed how plasma surface treatment improves the bond between composite materials and rubber. Dr Jörg Ihde from the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials (IFAM) explained how biopolymer fibers treated with atmospheric pressure plasma could provide an environmentally friendly alternative to oil-based polymer fibers in carbon fiber production.

To achieve this, the plasma surface treatment process used in the LIBRE project (http://www.libre2020.eu) would have to be scaled up to industrial levels. Dr Ihde and his team intend to work with Plasmatreat and other partners to bring the process to market.

The presentations in the new technology center were accompanied by workshops in which Plasmatreat experts introduced their latest research projects. Plasmatreat is currently developing plasma processes for new, environmentally friendly direct adhesive bonds and for applications in the electronics industry.

In future, the technical center will be a regular venue for lectures, presentations and conferences. Events will be organized by the Plasmatreat Academy that we are in the process of establishing. The first seminar program will be announced later this year.


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