Focus on future topics: Plasmatreat launches new series of Tech Days events

Inform – network – share knowledge. The new Plasmatreat Tech Days are generating a great deal of interest in professional circles. The idea behind this series of events is that external experts give valuable insights into the latest developments in industries such as automotive engineering, aerospace or medical engineering with the aim of knowledge sharing.

At the Tech Days at Stanford University, in Detroit (USA) and most recently in Tokyo (Japan), participants discussed production processes with a focus on current trends such as vehicle electrification, digital connectivity and automation.  "With our technology, we are involved in developing new production processes for many different areas of industry.

At the same time, we have developed strong partnerships with technology companies, partners and research institutes over the years. So we thought it would be a good idea to let others benefit from this unique network, and even provide inspiration", explains Hardev Grewal (CEO Plasmatreat USA Inc.).

Ichiro Uesaka (CEO Nihon Plasmatreat Inc.), Plasmatreat-CEO Dipl.-Ing. Christian Buske and Hardev Grewal (CEO Plasmatreat USA Inc.)

Surfaces are the main topic

What opportunities exist for creating adhesive bonds between lightweight materials? How can the reliability and reproducibility of joining processes be guaranteed for sensitive electronics and sensors, for example? These and many other questions were the main focus of the first three events. "As a company, we benefit from further industry developments", says Plasmatreat CEO Christian Buske. "New materials often require a surface treatment to ensure long-time stable adhesive bonds. Our Openair-Plasma® process allows many material combinations and processes to be developed which would otherwise be impossible." The Tech Days are also a good opportunity for Plasmatreat to make plasma more widely recognized as an industrial technology. 

The concept of the one-day event has been very well received by participants. The networking opportunities have been very much appreciated, in addition to the specialist talks and presentations. "The opportunity to discuss relevant future topics on a specialist level has global resonance", was how Ichiro Uesaka (CEO Nihon Plasmatreat Inc.) summed up the Tech Day format in Tokyo.

Participants and speakers at the event included specialists from Stanford University, the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials (IFAM), Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Lucid Motors, Henkel, LAM Research, Applied Materials, TE Connectivity, PVA, VDL, Waymo, Solvay, Jabil, Lockheed Martin, Fitbit, Agilent, ChipShop, Hesse Mechatronics, UCSF, Tangible Science and BTG Labs.


Further Tech Days are planned for the US and Japan in 2020/21. The scheduling of these events will take into account the changing travel behaviour and guidelines of companies. We wish to respond flexibly to these developments by adapting the event format and are looking into regional event venues outside the main urban centres, such as Nagoya (Japan) on 8 June.  Plasmatreat aims to institutionalize technology and knowledge sharing and set up a number of different in-house event formats.

One example is the Plasmatreat Academy, which is set to launch in the second half of 2020 – initially in Germany

The new Plasmatreat Technology Center at the company headquarters in Steinhagen provides a setting for seminars, training courses and specialist events such as Tech Days.


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