An Insight into the World of Plasmatreat: Interview at “Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

An Insight into the World of Plasmatreat: Interview at “Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

In a special sponsored content feature to be broadcasted live on Fox Business Network, Hardev Grewal, CEO at Plasmatreat USA, gave exciting insights into the world of plasma on Sunday ,June 27.

Plasmatreat is a leading manufacturer and developer of atmospheric plasma systems for surface pretreatment. Grewal was a guest at the American business and health program Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® which offers the latest business trends in various industries. Together with show host and business mogul Kathy Ireland, Hardev Grewal explained who Plasmatreat are and what they do, based on interesting examples from different industries. 

“Plasmatreat modifies surfaces”, Grewal explained the business of the international company in one sentence. But, what does this concretely mean?

In general, plasma is an ionized gas. Solid becomes liquid, and liquid becomes gaseous and if even more energy is supplied to a gas, it will change into plasma – the 4th state of matter.

With this technology, it is possible to pretreat substrate surfaces, e.g., metal, glass, plastic, or paper, to change their characteristics. This is desirable for different bonding, adhesion, and protection processes or issues in various industries. Customers come from a diverse range of industries to include automotive, transportation, electronics and medical. 

Plasma treatment enables manufacturers to improve the bonding quality by surface activation, cleaning, and coating. Interesting examples for applications that most of us encounter daily include headlamps, car interior parts, rain sensors, backup cameras, batteries, or electronics like cell phones, laptops and displays. 

The feature on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® was aired-live Sunday, June 27 on Fox Business Network as sponsored content.

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Hardev Grewal provides deep insight into the exciting world of Plasmatreat and what the company does.


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