Premium Surface Treatment for Battery Applications

Premium Surface Treatment for Battery Applications

Plasmatreat USA Inc., a subsidiary of the Plasmatreat GmbH, an international leader for manufacturing atmospheric-pressure plasma systems, will exhibit at The Battery Show North America in Novi, Michigan. The exhibition with focus on various batteries and battery applications will take place from September 14th – 16th, 2021. On its booth 2027 Plasmatreat will give insights in plasma technology theoretically and demonstrate practically how it works in the different battery manufacturing process steps

Following the trends of modern mobility, the requirements for batteries are increasing both in the area of assembly and in terms of durability, weather resistance and temperature management. Here, adhesive bonding and protection technology plays an important role. Plasma technology is an effective solution for these demands. It is used for microfine cleaning and surface activation in battery manufacturing, and highly effective functional plasma coatings are also used, for example, to protect materials reliable against corrosion.  

Drawing on its expertise and longstanding experience, plasma technology from Plasmatreat is the first port of call for atmospheric plasma applications. The company has developed versatile methods for plasma treatment for use in diverse applications and industries. These have also been deployed for battery manufacture since around 2010. 

Microfine cleaning with Openair-Plasma safely and gently removes dust, grease, bonding agents, and additives from surfaces, thereby activating them, i.e. plasma treatment increases the surface energy of a substrate. This optimizes the wettability of the surface, allowing for a precisely controllable increase in the surface’s adhesive properties. It guarantees durable and long-lasting adhesives and coatings. PlasmaPlus nanocoating is another option. It allows for targeted, functionalized surfaces that meet custom requirements. For battery manufacturing, the PlasmaPlus process is used for anti-corrosion applications or enhanced coatability. These days, plasma technology by Plasmatreat is used for all kinds of batteries, from prismatic, cylindrical and pouch cells, and in different steps in the manufacturing of batteries, e.g., before cell-to-cell bonding, before wire bonding, while fitting the cells into a battery pack, for anti-corrosion for the battery pack and much more. 

At The Battery Show North America the local team will show and explain the different solutions and advantages plasma technology has. Various samples and videos show clearly in which process steps Openair-Plasma can be used and how does it work. 


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