Plasmatreat Nordic at Plastteknik Nordic - Surface Treatment Solutions with Plasma Technology

Plasmatreat Nordic at Plastteknik Nordic - Surface Treatment Solutions with Plasma Technology

Plasmatreat GmbH, a leading developer and manufacturer of atmospheric plasma technologies and systems for surface pretreatment, will participate in the upcoming Scandinavian trade show Plastteknik Nordic in Malmö. It opens its doors to visitors from December 1st to 2nd. For the new subsidiary Plasmatreat Nordic AB, founded August 1st 2021, is this its premier event and the local team will show different solutions for surface treatment with the Openair-Plasma technology in the plastics industry.

“With this new subsidiary, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Plasmatreat wants to expand its international customer proximity and will now better serve the Scandinavian and Baltic market. The plasma technology is not tied to any specific industry, because it can be used on countless surfaces and on various materials: e.g. plastic, glass, metal or paper and in packaging, automotive, medical or appliances industry, but also in electronics and semiconductor production. The Plastteknik Nordic show in Malmö is a great opportunity for us to present our plasma technology to the plastic and rubber industry in Scandinavia”, explains Alberto Casimiro Managing Director of Plasmatreat Nordic. Casimiro has more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. He worked as Area Sales Manager in different market leading companies in the electronics industry. With his experience and technical knowledge he is a gain for Plasmatreat and its Scandinavian and Baltic customers.

What does plasma do on surfaces?

“Plasma is a special technology to modify surfaces and it is the fourth state of matter. By adding energy to a gas, it is ionized and enters in the high-energy plasma state. When plasma with its high energy level comes into contact with materials, the surface properties change, e.g. from hydrophobic to hydrophilic.”, explains Casimiro. Using the atmospheric pressure plasma technology from Plasmatreat, called Openair-Plasma, e.g. on plastic surfaces groupings containing oxygen and nitrogen are introduced into the mostly non-polar plastics’ surface to increase the surface energy. This activation optimizes the wettability of the surface, thus significantly increases adhesion and enables adhesives, paints and coatings to achieve long-term stability with it. For these processes manufacturers do not need bonding agents any more. So plasma is a cheaper and environmentally friendly method and can be used instead of primer. With the special PlasmaPlus technology it is possible to apply nano coatings on surfaces. One example of this process is the PT-Bond coating, which ensures long-term stable adhesion. With PT-Bond bonds can be created between materials which normally cannot be bond together.

At its booth at Plastteknik Nordic, the company will be showing various plasma systems and equipment, e.g. generators, plasma nozzles and the new developed PCU (Plasma Control Unit) with various quality assurance functions. Visitors can therefore experience surface activation and cleaning with plasma live at the trade show.

The business relationship with the Finnish distribution partner Foilpak Oy will remain unaffected despite the establishment of Plasmatreat Nordic AB. "We will work close together with Foilpak on project business and process development. Foilpak is responsible for the Finnish and Estonian market and Plasmatreat Nordic for Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia and Lithuania.”, Casimiro explains the division and responsibilities of each company.



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