FAKUMA 2011 – PT-Release revolutionizes injection molding process

Plasmatreat participates in the exhibition with a revolutionary new anti-adhesion technology for injection-molded plastic materials. The new process called “PT-Release” is based on the Openair atmospheric plasma technology that is in use worldwide. This new technology allows, for the first time, the release-agent-free processing of plastic materials through coating and regeneration in the injection molding tool itself. The anti-adhesion effect is solely generated by plasma polymerization on the surface of the molding tool.

PT-Release is a silicone-free, universally applicable mold release agent with excellent sliding properties that is capable of effectively preventing accretions of the most varied materials such as polyurethane foams, polyester and epoxy resins, etc. in the injection molding tool. The release coating is to be applied at places where silicones are undesirable or where post-treatment of the surfaces of the injection-molded parts is necessary. There are no disturbing release agent remainders left on the injection-molded parts so that they can be subjected to painting, printing, metallizing or bonding immediately after demolding with no need for previous cleaning of the surfaces of these parts. Wet-chemical release agents are completely substituted by this process, and there is also no longer need for demounting the mold for re-coating purposes since worn off coatings do not have to be removed anymore. Within a few minutes, the plasma release coating can be regularly regenerated fully automatically in the injection molding tool itself after a defined number of demolding processes — thus totally eliminating manual application with all of its known disadvantages..

FAKUMA 2011: Hall A1, Booth A1-1422


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