Joint forces: Plasmatreat North America Acquires Plasma Technology Systems

Photo: Plasmatreat. From left to right:
Christian Buske (President and CEO Plasmatreat Group), Stephen L. Kaplan (PTS), Mikki Larner (Vice President Sales & Marketing PTS) and Andreas Stecher (President and CEO Plasmatreat North America)

Plasmatreat North America (Elgin, IL) has acquired Plasma Technology Systems, LLC. (PTS), following a five year collaborative relationship. This acquisition broadens the surface modification solutions portfolio to include the complementary low-pressure radio frequency technology and equipment.

The combination of low pressure and atmospheric plasma technologies offer customers a wider range of surface preparation processes to include critical cleaning, activation and functionalization for improved bonding and coating adhesion. In addition, thin film plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) processes are significantly expanded to include coatings for chemical repellancy, dry lubricity, and unique functional coatings.

Plasmatreat North America President and CEO Andreas Stecher will assume the same roles for PTS. Stecher comments: “Together, our team is able to leverage the respective technologies to provide the best solutions for customer applications. By increasing the visibility for this innovative technology we plan to enhance the scale and scope of our plasma based surface treatment solutions.”

About Plasma Technology Systems

PTS was founded in 1999 by the polymer chemist Stephen L. Kaplan and developed by Mikki Larner, the current Vice President of Sales and Marketing. The company specializes in low pressure plasma for surface modification of plastics, metals, glass and composites. PTS’s core competency is in process development and technology transfer, contract services, and equipment manufacturing. The wide range of equipment offerings allow for treatment of materials from micron-sized powders to 1.5 meter wide rolled goods. PTS main office and laboratories are headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, servicing the North American and global customer base.

A contract service facility for Midwest and East Coast-based customers will open in the Chicago area in 2012. Equipment manufacturing will be supported by the Plasmatreat group.

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