Plast Eurasia 2011 – Success Show for Plasmatreat Turkey

The market for the plastics processing industry is booming in the rising economic power between the orient and the occident. The biggest fair of the plastics industry throughout the entire Eurasian region, the PlastEurasia 2011 in Istanbul, closed its doors on October 30. Over 800 international exhibitors and more than 27000 visitors had expressed their interest in this trade show.

Hakan Sağkal, CEO & President at Plasmatreat Turkey, and MEA Region and Oktay Aydın, Technical Sales Managers, utilized this important platform to present the Plasmatreat company and its latest technological and product developments. The mode of function of Openair® plasma was shown by them live in a double action:

- A linear motion system demonstrated the plasma pretreatment of an ABS switch panel of a washing machine before painting. The comparison between an untreated, painted component and a painted component that had undergone plasma pretreatment revealed a clear difference. Plasma treatment makes the usually discernible injection points – appearing as blurry stains on the paint - completely invisible. The homogeneous paint gradient on the substrate which is already achieved with only a single paint layer is attributable to the strong activation effect of the plasma.

- The second presentation showed the increase in surface energy of a nonpolar plastic by means of plasma and the resulting homogeneous wettability. Using a rotary plasma nozzle of type RD2004H that was coupled to the new generator PT5000N, a polypropylene card was subjected this time to only partial pretreatment. The subsequent spraying of the card with water made the effect immediately visible: Water drops in the untreated area compared to a homogeneous water film in the treated area.

Hakan Sağkal is very pleased with the results of the fair: "We could not only note over 20% more customer leads than we had hoped for but also recorded a particularly high quality of the enquiries."

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