Concentrated efficiency – Plasmatreat US acquires 4th State, Inc.

Photo: Plasmatreat
The low-pressure plasma system R2R60 treats surfaces of rolled goods up to 60 inch widths.

In the course of its expansion in the American market Plasmatreat US, Elgin, IL has acquired the Californian low-pressure plasma specialist 4th State, Inc., Belmont. This is the second purchase of a low pressure-plasma company to include the acquisition of Plasma Technology Systems (PTS) in 2011.

Acquiring 4th State significantly expands the range of LP-plasma surface preparations and processes. The capacity for contract services increases by over 100 percent. The 4th State company focus is treatment of customer parts via a mature contract outsourcing (toll services) business. The customer base is comprised of medical, aerospace and electronic companies.

4th State and its facility are ISO QS 9001 certified. Among its prime assets, the company features the R2R60, a large, 60 inch wide continuous roll-to-roll plasma chamber designed by polymer chemist Stephen Kaplan. The tool’s function is the plasma modification of rolled goods including wovens, non-wovens, films, foils and membranes. For the medical industry, the system allows for extremely cost effective functionalization of films, such as cyclic olefin copolymers and polystyrene for immunoassay and microfluidic devices and customized modification of membranes and wovens for filtration/separation chemistries. For the aerospace and defense industries the plasma activation is carried out on materials such as Spectra™, Zylon™, Kevlar™ and Kapton™.

The combination of low pressure and atmospheric plasma technologies offer the industries a maximum range of environmentally friendly surface treatment solutions for critical cleaning, activation, thin film deposition and functionalization processes. A move to a new, combined San Francisco Bay area location, merging the facilities to increase services for the North American and global customer base, is anticipated by the end of Q3/2013.


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