Resounding success – Review of K2013: „The Next Generation of Surface Technology“

The K2013 has exceeded Plasmatreat's expectations. In October the international team running the company’s stand at the world's largest plastics and rubber tradeshow in Düsseldorf made over 700 new customer contacts.

The stand also drew many casual visitors whose curiosity about Openair® plasma technology was aroused by the slogan “The Next Generation of Surface Technology”. Occupying a space of 180 m2, the Plasmatreat stand included a large range of plasma installations. Not only were the latest plasma systems and developments on display; the highly effective use of Openair® plasma technology for pretreatment was also demonstrated live throughout the entire show.

The “Plasma Bar” proved to be a particular crowd puller. Seated in a semicircle, Plasmatreat's apprentices operated a range of equipment to demonstrate the wettability and adhesion of adhesives, paints and inks on nonpolar plastics such as polypropylene before and after plasma treatment. This attraction, which was packed with visitors on each day of the show, gave some attendees their first taste of just how effective atmospheric pressure plasma can be.

Plasmatreat advisers from over 20 countries were on hand to assist an international crowd drawn from as far afield as China, Korea, South Africa, the USA, Brazil and Turkey. One high-tech exhibit which attracted particular interest was the Plasma Tube, an automatic plasma station for pretreating EPDM door seal profiles recently developed for the automotive sector. In response to changes in profile, this system automatically calibrates the nozzles in a fraction of the time previously needed. The resulting shorter changeover times deliver cost reductions and simultaneous quality assurance.

The structural adhesion of polypropylene to polymer concrete counterweights was also demonstrated for the first time at the show. Counterweights are used as stabilizing elements in washing machines. The rapidly spinning motions are exposed to high mechanical stresses and require counterbalancing to offset the oscillations. Plasma activation ensures that adhesives and sealants bond securely, thereby reducing vibration and noise.

“The K has always been a successful platform for us, but this year we achieved fantastic results,” reports Christian Buske, CEO and President of the worldwide Plasmatreat Group. “We have noticed that escalating energy and raw material prices combined with industry's desire to switch to sustainable processes are a powerful driver of technologies such as Openair® plasma treatment.”

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