The digital, processor-controlled low-frequency FG5001S plasma generator is ideal for use in production plants. The series is equipped with IGBT semiconductor amplifiers as standard for controlling Openair-Plasma® systems with up to two plasma nozzles. A state-of-the-art EtherCAT connection ensures smooth integration into existing systems.

The generator combines optimum performance with precise plasma power control, control and diagnostic functions, and comprehensive display of plasma treatment data. It also incorporates an integrated PLC that allows remote maintenance to be carried out during continuous operation.

The compact generator benefits from a high level of availability and long maintenance intervals (depending on ambient conditions). The user-friendly touchscreen control panel is designed for ease of operation.


  • Integrated power control for manually adjusting the intensity and density of the plasma jet.
  • Multilingual touchscreen for controlling operating parameters such as voltage, current and frequency and displaying error and status notifications.
  • Customer interface and bus system for internal/external operation. Extensive interfaces for integration with external emergency stop circuits. Plug connectors for transformer, plasma nozzles and accessories
  • Transmission of plasma power, volumetric flow, process gas flow, motor speed and dynamic pressure data for use with plasma control unit (PCU).

System configuration with PCU

Example system configurations for FG5001S plasma generator

The compact FG5001S can be used either with up to two PFW10, RD1004, RD2004 or RD8004 plasma nozzles or one RD1010/RD1008 nozzle (with 3x AC extension box) in the standard output range. It can also be used to operate a PFW70, RD2005 or RD2010 nozzle.

The FG5001S generator used in conjunction with the Plasma Control Unit is the perfect the way to ensure reproducible plasma metering. The PCU uses an integrated, high-performance sensor system to measure the current nozzle output power. Together with the proven Openair-Plasma® technology, this combination is designed to automate production processes.


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