• “Mass-production, individually designed” – Plasma in UV inkjet digital printing

    It has only recently become possible to print and personalize completely round objects, like a ball, using UV digital printing technology. Printer manufacturer Heidelberg relies on Openair® plasma for the pretreatment of surfaces, which ensures long-time stable adhesion and high wear resistance of the uncoated printing inks. WORLD OF PRINT (10/2017) reports.


    “Mass-production, individually designed” – Plasma in UV inkjet digital printing

  • Structural bonding: Plasma replaces solvent and keying processes

    Schmitz Cargobull, Europe's leading semitrailer manufacturer, gave up using organic solvents prior to the structural bonding of sandwich panels several years ago. Instead, the company pretreats over 16,000 new refrigerated semitrailers a year with Openair®-Plasma. WERKSTOFFE (No. 5/2017) reports in detail on this large-scale application.


    Structural bonding: Plasma replaces solvent and keying processes

  • Automotive Engineering – Quality-boosting plasma

    The automotive industry relies on reliable and sustainable processes to ensure the consistently high quality and adhesion of bonded or coated products. Plasmatreat processes not only satisfy these stringent requirements, they also enhance product quality. Germany's leading magazine on surface technology JOT(9/2017) reports on typical applications.

    The original publication is available at springerprofessional.de


    Automotive Engineering: “Quality-boosting plasma”

  • Plasma instead of primer

    Changing from an established industrial process to a completely different one is a huge step. A leading lighting manufacturer was brave enough to make the switch and now treats tens of thousands of aluminum housings a year with Openair® plasma instead of solvents prior to bonding. Read more in the International ALUMINIUM Journal (7-8/2017).


    Plasma instead of primer

  • “On the ball”: Rotary plasma ensures adhesion in UV digital printing

    Printer manufacturer HEIDELBERG benefited from using rotary plasma beams to develop a world first. Round and free-form objects are pretreated with Openair® plasma in the UV inkjet digital printer before being individually printed. KUNSTSTOFFE INTERNATIONAL (07/2017) carries an in-depth report on the new application.


    “On the ball”: Rotary plasma ensures adhesion in UV digital printing

  • Cover story
    "Plastic and metal: a strong connection"

    An innovative coating process by the name of Plasma-SealTight® offers a worldwide applicable pioneering solution for improving plastic-to-metal bonds in the injection molding industry. In its June issue the digital magazine PLASTIX-WORLD (2017/06) provides you with all the details.


    Plastic and metal: a strong connection

  • Symbiosis between metal and plastic

    An innovative plasma sealing technology combined with application-specific thermoplastic compounds now makes it possible to achieve particularly strong, media-tight joints between hybrid injection molding components. The Swiss journal OBERFLÄCHEN / POLYSURFACES (Nr.2(5)/2017) has the report.


    Symbiosis between metal and plastic

  • Giving the green light

    For lighting manufacturer Herbert Waldmann, the new pretreatment with atmospheric pressure plasma means surface-mounted LED machine lights with tighter seals and plenty more besides. Specialist lighting magazine HIGHLIGHT reports on the benefits in its special issue "Technology" (No.1 (5)/2017).


    Giving the green light

  • Interview

    "The ability to manufacture products with selectively functional surfaces opens up a completely new dimension in innovation capability, the scope of which we can only begin to imagine at this stage", say plasma experts Christian Buske (Plasmatreat) and Dr. Jörg Ihde (Fraunhofer IFAM) in an interview with ALUMINIUM PRAXIS (5/2017).



  • Cover story:
    Hybrid technology – Adhesion as a benchmark

    A new environmentally-safe systems solution based on atmospheric plasma coating not only promises a particularly strong, media-tight plastic-to-metal bond in the injection molding process, but also a very cost-effective solution. IST ((International Surface Technology No.1 [3]/2017) has all the details.

    The original publication is available at springerprofessional.de


    Atmospheric Plasma Coating - Adhesion as a Benchmark


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