• Electronics in Aircraft Manufacturing: Plasma Beats the Fear of Flying

    The aviation industry's requirements regarding the integrity and service life of safety-relevant components are extremely high. In order to ensure the reliable adhesion of the conformal coating of the plastic encapsulated airborne communication assemblies Rohde & Schwarz treats the electronic components with Openair® - Plasma, without any damage of the highly sensitive electronics . Germany’s leading plastics magazine KUNSTSTOFFE carries the report.


    Electronics in Aircraft Manufacturing: Plasma Beats the Fear of Flying

  • A Question of Surface Energy – plasma in industrial printing

    Substrate pretreatment is often used to achieve safe, stable, long-term adhesion of inks, coatings, adhesives, and finishes. In its latest issue the American magazine ISP (Industrial + Specialty Printing 2013/5) focuses on atmospheric plasma pretreatment as a solution for optimizing surface energy for printing processes.

    A Question of Surface Energy – plasma in industrial printing

  • Cleared for take-off with plasma - Surface technology in aeronautical radio equipment

    The aviation industry demands the highest safety standards. Specialist magazine PRODUCTRONIC (5-6/2013) rexplains why Rohde & Schwarz , the world’s leading manufacturer of airborne communication systems, pretreats assembled circuit boards with Openair® plasma before applying a conformal coating.

    Published with kind permission from Hüthig GmbH.


    Flugfertig mit Plasma - Oberflächentechnik in Funkgeräten für die Avionik

  • Functional nanocoating in milliseconds

    PlasmaPlus® coating technology offers a wealth of functional coatings for applying locally selective, in-line nanocoatings to material surfaces in a continuous, automated production process. The technical journal GALVANOTECHNIK (3/2013) reports on research and applications in this field.


    Funktionelle Nanobeschichtung in Millisekunden

  • Plasma Coating under normal pressure

    Nanocoating with PlasmaPlus® enables substances tailored specifically to the application to be deposited deep down into the nanostructure of the material surface. BRITISH PLASTICS & RUBBER (BP&R 2013/3) reports on the process, the research goals and the applications.


    Plasma Coating under normal pressure

  • Automotive: No Need for Masking

    Masking before filling the dashboards with foam is a labor-intensive process. A way out of masking and what other advantages can be derived therefrom is shown by an automotive dashboard supplier for the Audi Q5 using the Openair® plasma process. INDUSTRIAL PAINT & SURFACE MAGAZINE (3/2013) covers the process.


    Bilingual report (Turkish/English): No Need for Masking

  • Good as new for years -
    cleaning & activation of plastic surfaces in one operation

    Automotive manufacturers place stringent demands on the quality of the finish of all their vehicle components, not least the interior dashboard. SA Plastics (2-3/2013) reports on the indispensable use of Openair®-plasma treatment in the manufacturing of car switches at a global player’s production site.


    Good as new for years - cleaning & activation of plastic surfaces in one operation

  • Setting new quality standards - Chrome-free protection in seconds

    A global player in the automotive supply sector was faced with the challenge of retrofitting enhanced corrosion protection into its existing production line. This was achieved using Openair® plasma combined with a PlasmaPlus® coating. The German trade journal KORROSIONSSCHUTZ AKTUELL (Corrosion Protection Today, 12/2012) covers the story.

    Neue Qualitätsmaßstäbe

  • Touched a thousand times – Plasma for quality assurance in the production of car switches

    Car manufacturers are forever placing greater demands on the quality and environmental credentials of paint processes for the plastic components used in their vehicle interiors. To meet these requirements, TRW Automotive pretreats millions of switches and controls with Openair® plasma each year. Germany’s leading plastics magazine KUNSTSTOFFE reports on the process.


    Touched a thousand times

  • Cleaning at the speed of sound. Atmospheric plasma for ambitious cleaning solutions

    Proper pretreatment is essential to achieve safe and longtime stable bond adhesion and immaculate finishes for paints and imprints. IPCM (International Paint & Coating Magazine 2012/9-10) reports on the fast and highly effective cleaning with Openair®-Plasma.


    Cleaning at the speed of sound


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