• Green, Fast and Secure: Atmospheric Plasma for Critical Bonding

    The technologies of sealing and adhesive bonding are closely related to surface engineering. The American journal ASI (Adhesives & Sealants Industries, 2012/10) describes why Openair® plasma is an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient and high-tech alternative to traditional pretreatment methods.


    Green, Fast and Secure: Atmospheric Plasma for Critical Bonding

  • Automobile engineering: Openair® plasma allows mask-free pretreatment of the Audi Q5 cockpit

    Masking before filling instrument panels with foam is a labor-intensive process. A way out of masking and what other advantages can be derived therefrom is shown by the Openair® plasma process that is in use by the automotive supplier Peguform for the Audi Q5 series. POLYMOTIVE (2012/10) reports on the process.


    Plasma process allows mask-free dashboard pretreatment

  • PlasmaPlus® in Medical Engineering: Barriers and Antibacterial Protection

    Manufacturing processes in medical engineering demand extremely high standards. Surfaces must be absolutely spotless, or even sterile, before they can be further processed or used. Furthermore, pre-treatment processes must be very reliable and precisely reproducible. MEDIZIN & TECHNIK (Medizin & Technik 2012/9) explains how the PlasmaPlus® technology meets these requirements.


    Barrieren und Schutz vor Bakterien

  • New plasma technology for functional surfaces

    PlasmaPlus®, an atmospheric plasma technology and recent winner of the Industry Award 2012, offers a wealth of locally selective, functional nanocoatings for material surfaces. The German engineering magazine KONSTRUKTION (7/8-2012) reports.


    New plasma technology for functional surfaces

  • Atmospheric Plasma Treatment in Circuit Board Manufacture

    The best possible adhesion of conductive inks applied by the screen printing process to the surfaces of sensor circuit boards is essential for manufacturers. The American PCB Magazine (Painted Circuit Boards, 8/2012) reports on how Openair® plasma tripled the throughput and reduced adhesion problems to zero.


    Atmospheric Plasma Treatment - How the Openair System Overcomes Adhesion Problems in Potentiometer Manufacture

  • Power Treatment – Plasma for the Perfect Design

    For the production of the new design car key from Volkswagen a perfect paint appearance and long-time stable adhesion were given topmost priority. Thanks to Openair® plasma treatment series production could be guaranteed after only 6 months. The US journal PCI (Paint & Coatings Industry, 2012/6) reports.


    Power Treatment – Plasma for the Perfect Design

  • Perfect Metal to PC Bonding?

    For medical device manufacturers, atmospheric plasma treatment offers significant benefits to facilitate and improve adhesion and bonding potential. MPN (Medical Plastics News 2012/5-6) has published a case story on the production of metal and plastic oxygenator fittings as a single part.


    Perfect Metal to PC Bonding?

  • Atmospheric Plasma for Critical Decorating

    In comparison to conventional pretreatment methods - such as chemical, flame or corona treatment - atmospheric plasma offers a large number of advantages when it comes i.e. to plastics decorating processes. The US-magazine PLASTICS DECORATING (2012/6) gives a detailed report.


    Atmospheric Plasma for Critical Decorating

  • Noble-looking designer key

    Surface treatment specialist GfO relies on Openair® plasma technology to provide designer car keys made from glass fibre-reinforced plastic with a durable adhesive coating and flawless finish. JOT (Journal for Surface Technology 2012/5), Germany's leading magazine on surface technology, reports.

    The original publication is available at springerprofessional.de


    Plasmabehandlung vor dem Lackieren

  • Faultless operation

    For more than ten years atmospheric plasma technology is securing the printing processes on the high-gloss polypropylene handles of BSH immersion blenders. IPCM (International Paint & Coating Magazine 3-4/2012) reports on the application.


    Faultless operations


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