• Plasma solves complex adhesion problems

    Pretreatment with Openair® plasma technology gives surfaces completely new adhesive characteristics. This is exactly what is needed in the complex production of rain and light sensors, where it is very difficult to achieve an adhesive bond between polycarbonate (PC) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR). The specialist South African magazine SA PLASTICS, COMPOSITES & RUBBER (4/5-2012) has a full report.


    Plasma technology solves critical adhesion problems

  • Clean Air – Plasma in Aircraft Construction

    Optimum corrosion protection and long-time stable paint adhesion - the trade magazine KORROSIONSSCHUTZ AKTUELL (1/2012) publishes an article in its most recent edition about the possible fields of application for Openair® technology in aviation and aerospace engineering.

    Reine Luft – Plasma im Flugzeugbau

  • A knight in shining (plasma-) armour

    A problem with the adhesion of liquid silicone rubber to polycarbonate would almost have resulted in failing to undertake production of an auto part. Thanks to the prompt introduction of Openair® Plasma, on-time production was once again a possibility. CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY (10/2011) reports.


    A knight in shining (plasma-) armour

  • Atmospheric Plasma Replaces Chemicals

    Atmospheric plasma technology has already proven itself many times as an environmentally friendly alternative to wet chemical cleaning and pre-treatment. JOT, Germany's leading magazine for surface technology, reports in a special edition.

    The original publication is available at springerprofessional.de


    Atmospheric Plasma Replaces Chemicals

  • With plasma ready for series production

    Through the use of Openair® plasma, a plastic finisher managed to coat the design product of an automotive manufacturer with a high-gloss hardcoat paint in a durable and impact-resistant manner. The German plastics journal KUNSTSTOFFE (10/2011) covers the process.


    Mit Plasma zur Serienreife

  • Successful crisis management thanks to plasma

    A problem with the adhesion of LSR to PC in the injection molding process would have almost led to a breakdown in production. The German journal ADHÄSION (10/2011) reports about the successful outcome through the use of Openair® plasma.

    The original publication is available at springerprofessional.de


    Herstellung von Regen-Licht-Sensoren

  • Plasma treatment substitutes flaming process

    In the production of instrument panels for the Audi Q5, Openair® plasma not only substitutes the conventional flaming process but also eliminates any masking before foam filling. The German plastics journal PLASTVERARBEITER (10/2011) reports on the process.


    Makelloses Ausschäumen von Instrumententafeln

  • Anti-Adhesion Coating Directly In the Mold

    The new plasma coating PT-Release displaces chemical release agents or durable coatings in injection molding and regenerates inside the mold. The US magazine MoldMaking Technology reports on this process.


    Process Produces Anti-Adhesion Coating Directly In the Mold

  • A breakthrough in large light panel production

    Plasmatreat has developed the world's first system allowing plasma pretreatment of large lightweight-panels for subsequent flat lamination or coating processes in a continuous, inline production line. IPCM (International Paint and Coating Magazine, 9/2011) covers the process.


    A breakthrough in large light panel production

  • PT-Release – world’s first plasma release coating for injection molding tools

    Plasmatreat’s new release coating technology PT-Release allows the solvent-free in-mold application as well as the fully automatically regeneration of the release coating inside the injection molding machine. US-TECH (7/2011) carries the report.


    Plasma Coating Technology for Injection Molding Tools


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