• Corrosion protection - Nanometer thick coatings in series production

    Higher requirements on the corrosion resistance of e.g. bonded metallic components demand for innovative solutions. The German journal ADHÄSION (adhesion) reports in its issue 3/2011 on the strong effects of PlasmaPlus® coatings.

    The original publication is available at springerprofessional.de

    Nanometer thick coatings in series production

  • Clear Views

    One of the leading experts in the area of plastics fascias surface refinement was looking for a reproducible, high-quality and fully automated pretreatment technique for its new coating line. The solution was found at Plasmatreat. The international journal IPCM (2/2011) reports.


    Clear Views – Inline pretreatment of display fascias with atmospheric plasma

  • Troubleshooting with cold plasma

    A problem with the adhesion of LSR to PP would have almost led to a breakdown in the production of rain/light sensors for the automotive industry. The German technical magazine KUNSTSTOFFE (10/2010) reports how manufacture was still made possible by the immediate action of Plasmatreat.


    Troubleshooting with cold plasma

  • Audi Q5 Dashboard: Contours-Fit Pretreatment

    The usual masking process before foam filling is particularly labor-intensive in instrument panel construction. The journal "Special K 2010" describes how the supplier to Audi, Peguform, completely does without masking.


    Contours-Fit Dashboard Pretreatment

  • Keep cool

    Environmental protection is a key issue to transport companies. Over 15 000 new refrigerated semi-trailers are produced by Europe's largest trailer manufacturer Schmitz Cargobull each year. The eco-friendly truck production involves the use of Openair® plasma. The German plastics magazine PLASTVERARBEITER (10/2010) gives the details.


    Keep cool

  • Plastics: Plasma solves even complex adhesion problems

    In its annual edition 2010, the magazine KUNSTSTOFFVERARBEITUNG (Plastics Processing) reports about how the atmospheric Openair@ plasma technology frequently proves to be a true crisis manager when it comes to problematic bondings of plastic materials.


    Plasma solves even complex adhesion problems

  • MST report: The Atmospheric Plasma Method

    The renowned US scientists Dr. Kash Mittal and Dr. Robert H. Lacombe devote the technical editorial for their latest MST (Material, Science and Technology) newsletter to the atmospheric plasma treatment technology.

    Materials Science and Technology Newsletter 9/2010: Advances in surface plasma treatment - the atmospheric plasma method

  • Dropping the Failure Rate

    The American electronics magazine US-TECH reports in its September 2010 issue on how the Openair® plasma treatment process is used in the electronics industry to process parts and circuits during production and/or assembly.


    Plasma Treatment: Dropping the Failure Rate

  • Plasma technology – a key to innovative solutions

    A new rotary plasma technique from Plasmatreat allows for the first time to pretreat large-area lightweight composite panels at high speed in a continuous process. Germany’s bonding journal ADHÄSION (8/2010) describes the new process.

    The original publication is available at springerprofessional.de


    Plasma Technology as a Key to Innovative Solutions – Production of sandwich panels

  • The Green Alternative

    Atmospheric pressure plasma displaces the use of chemicals in the precleaning of aluminium coils. The International Painting and Coating Magazine IPCM reports in its July/August 2010 issue about the revolutionary process.


    The Green Alternative


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