• Cover story: Nano-fine coating in series production

    How smooth subsequent integration of a plasma system in an existing production line was accomplished and what advantages this method has brought to the user, is the topic of the latest edition of the professional journal ADHÄSION 2/2010.

    The original publication is available at springerprofessional.de


    Atmospheric-pressure plasma ensures corrosion resistance - Nano-fine coatings in series production

  • Sensor Technology - Atmospheric plasma treatment of circuit boards

    The international sensor manufacturer Novotechnik calls the employment of the integrated Openair technology “a milestone” in the further development of their sensor production. The technical journal PRODUCTRONIC (11/2009) reports about the application in detail.


    Atmospheric plasma treatment of circuit boards - Without Vacuum

  • Openair® plasma displaces the use of chemicals in the precleaning of aluminium coils

    COATING magazine presents a bi-lingual report on the environment protecting and cost saving process in a large Swiss production site.


    It also works to conserve the environment

  • Cleaning without contact – Plasma for pretreating glass

    The way in which pretreatment with Openair® plasma reliably ensures the successful coating, bonding and decoating of plate glass is described in the technical journal GLASWELT (Glassworld) in its 10/2009 issue.


    Touch-free cleaning

  • Flat lamination: Cold plasma conquers new fields

    In its September issue reporting on the FAKUMA 2009 exhibition the German technical journal KUNSTSTOFFE (“Plastics“) describes in a specified article how a novel rotary process from Plasmatreat makes it possible to pretreat large-area lightweight composite panels at high speed in a continuous process.


    Cold Plasma Opens Up New Dimensions

  • Plasma and adhesion to rubber, plastics substrates

    World-class, fully automated manufacturing processes rely more and more on advanced, environmentally friendly surface treatment technologies. RUBBER & PLASTICS NEWS (USA) reports in its June 15th issue on how Openair atmospheric pressure plasma allows inline rubber and plastic manufacturing processes to become fully automated with total process control.


    Plasma and adhesion to rubber, plastics substrates

  • Medical technology – Components from one casting

    Pretreatment with atmospheric-pressure plasma allows the joining of materials that in principle are incompatible, such as metal and plastic. The German journal MEDIZIN & TECHNIK (Medicine & Technics) carries a report on how with the aid of Openair plasma complicated composite fittings for use in oxygenators are reliably manufactured at low cost.


    Components from one casting

  • Sa(v)fe with Plasma

    Pretreatment with atmospheric pressure plasma is arousing ever more interest among users who require microscopically fine precleaning and high activation of surfaces prior to the finishing process. The American journal PROCESS CLEANING (5/6-2009) reports in its 6-page cover story about the secure and cost saving Openair® process.

    Sa(v)fe with Plasma

  • Aviation and Space Industry

    The trend towards the use of modern composite materials in aircraft makes numerous new demands on the surface pretreatment and coating. The lightweight construction magazine LIGHTWEIGHTDESIGN (2/09) carries a report on the possibilities for atmospheric-pressure plasma pretreatment.

    The original publication is available at springerprofessional.de


    Aerospace industry: Applications for atmospheric plasma pretreatment

  • Automotive: Easier Repair of Coating Defects

    Treatment of the finishing coat with atmospheric-pressure plasma after a “spot repair” avoids the very dusty sanding of the paint. The German journal of surface technology JOT presents a report on the innovative technique.

    The original publication is available at springerprofessional.de


    Atmospheric-pressure plasma in car painting


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