• Sa(v)fe with Plasma

    Pretreatment with atmospheric pressure plasma is arousing ever more interest among users who require microscopically fine precleaning and high activation of surfaces prior to the finishing process. The American journal PROCESS CLEANING (5/6-2009) reports in its 6-page cover story about the secure and cost saving Openair® process.

    Sa(v)fe with Plasma

  • Aviation and Space Industry

    The trend towards the use of modern composite materials in aircraft makes numerous new demands on the surface pretreatment and coating. The lightweight construction magazine LIGHTWEIGHTDESIGN (2/09) carries a report on the possibilities for atmospheric-pressure plasma pretreatment.

    The original publication is available at springerprofessional.de


    Aerospace industry: Applications for atmospheric plasma pretreatment

  • Automotive: Easier Repair of Coating Defects

    Treatment of the finishing coat with atmospheric-pressure plasma after a “spot repair” avoids the very dusty sanding of the paint. The German journal of surface technology JOT presents a report on the innovative technique.

    The original publication is available at springerprofessional.de


    Atmospheric-pressure plasma in car painting

  • Automotive: atmospheric plasma – eco-friendly and cost saving

    „Micro-cleaning of surfaces and improvement of adhesion” is the title of an article written by Plasmatreat CEO Christian Buske, which has been published in April in ATZ-PRODUKTION, one of Germany’s leading automotive trade journals.


    Environmentally friendly and cost-saving: Atmospheric-pressure plasma technology

  • Plasma Provides Transparency

    To produce brilliant and scratch-proof surfaces of plastics display fascias, sophisticated coating techniques are employed after injection molding. The technical journal KUNSTSTOFFE INTERNATIONAL reports in its March issue on the pretreatment of components with atmospheric plasma.


    Plasma Provides Transparency

  • Interview: “Plasma technology often amortizes within one year“

    Surface treatment with plasma can do much more than extend the durability of tools. In March the German trade magazine INDUSTRIEANZEIGER talked to Plasmatreat CEO Christian Buske about the possibilities of atmospheric plasma treatment.


    Plasma technology often amortizes within one year

  • „Companies have to open up“

    On the occasion of the 9th international Plasmatreat Sales Meeting Dr. Erwin Bürkle (KraussMaffei Technologies), Klaus Hilmer (Elastogran) and Christian Buske (Plasmatreat) discussed with Susanne Zinckgraf, editor-in-chief of the trade magazine PLASTVERARBEITER, the future chances of the process integration by plasma technology and its significance for the production site Germany in the framework of a press talk.


    Chances of process integration using plasma technology

  • Gluing of high-grade folding boxes thanks to Openair® plasma technology

    On its Bobst Alpina folder-gluer machine the Catalan company EGISA produces high-grade boxes that are securely bonded by means of integrated plasma treatment. The Swiss trade magazine DER VERPACKUNGSDRUCK reports on this topic in its issue 1/2009.


    Gluing of high-grade folding boxes thanks to Openair® plasma technology

  • Plasma polymerisation at normal atmospheric pressure

    What hitherto was only possible in vacuum can now take place in-line at normal atmospheric pressure. The newly developed plasma technology PlasmaPlus® offers an abundance of differently functionalised layers for the locally selective coating of the surfaces of materials. In its 1/2009 issue the journal WERKSTOFFE carries a report on the process.


    Plasma polymerisation at normal atmospheric pressure

  • Plasma replaces chemical precleaning for aluminium coil

    By means of a process unique anywhere in the world Openair® atmospheric-pressure plasma technology has succeeded in a Swiss coil coating production plant in replacing all chemical precleaning processes. The process is employed for aluminium strip material in facade cladding construction. The German technical journal MO (Metalloberfläche) carries a report in its 12/2008 issue on this startling new process.


    Plasma replaces chemical precleaning – Atmospheric-pressure plasma technology in the coil coating of aluminium


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