• Secure joints: In-line plasma treatment of hybrid components in medical technology

    For many companies it is a great challenge to manufacture leak-tight joints in hybrid components. Specifically in medical technology requirements are particularly high. The journal MedPLAST 2008 reports how by using Openair® plasma new and efficient production concepts are being devised for components in medical technology.

    Secure joints: Atmospheric-pressure plasma in medical technology


    The new PlasmaPlus® process from Plasmatreat provides for the first time the possibility of in-line plasma polymerisation under normal pressure instead of in vacuum. The technique affords an abundance of differently functionalised layers for the selective coating of material surfaces. With reference to the example of the surface treatment of aluminium the technical journal BBR (Bänder, Bleche, Rohre = Strips, Sheets, Pipes) carries a report in its 5/2008 issue about the sensational new plasma technology.


    Plasma polymerisation under normal pressure instead of in vacuum

  • The Promise Of Plasma – FORD testing the Openair® Technology

    Work at Ford Motor Co.’s Research and Innovation Center (RIC) in Dearborn, MI, USA has shown that Openair® Plasma pretreatment offers an attractive way to reduce the environmental impact of the paint operation while improving a plant’s bottom line. America’s distinguished magazine FTM (Finishing Today Magazine) describes in its 5/2008 issue how researchers have tested the innovative technology.

    The Promise of Plasma

  • Bonding processes: Optimization by means of atmospheric-pressure plasma treatment

    Applications for Openair® Plasma are almost unlimited. On the basis of the different applications in bonding processes the journal WERKSTOFFE reports in its 5/2008 issue on the great versatility of this plasma technology.


    Optimization of bonding processes by means of atmospheric-pressure plasma treatment

  • Innovative plasma technology resolves problems in package manufacturing

    Hosted by André Schlenk of Resin Processing Solutions, and addressed by Christian Buske of Plasmatreat in Germany, a recent seminar held in Hout Bay, South Africa  explored the uses of Plasmatreat’s Openair atmospheric-pressure plasma technology.
    Gill Loubser, editor-in-chief of the magazine P&PM (Packaging & Print Media, South Africa) reports in her latest issue in April 2008 on the advantages of this exciting new technology for packaging production.

    Innovative plasma technology resolves problems in package manufacturing

  • Plasma beam cleans and activates covering and sealing surfaces

    Whether the focus is on highly sensitive sensors and control elements, scratch-resistant displays or high-grade alarm systems, in order for paints, inks, adhesives or sealing compounds to adhere in optimum fashion in the electronics industry surfaces are pretreated with Openair® plasma. The German technical journal ELEKTRONIK-PRAXIS reports on this in February in its 4/2008 issue and on its internet page.


    Plasma beam cleans and activates covering and sealing surfaces

  • Clean affair – Large-area application in LNG tankers

    Unique anywhere in the world is the large-area application of atmospheric-pressure plasma developed by Plasmatreat to obtain 100 % insulation in the interior of the largest liquefied natural gas tankers in the world. The German technical journal PLASTVERARBEITER carries a report on this in its January 2008 issue.


    Clean affair - Plasma Technology for Cleaning Surfaces

  • Aluminium - Environmental revolution in coil coating

    Soon the innumerable tons of wet chemicals and millions invested in wastewater disposal could be a thing of the past because Openair atmospheric pressure plasma technology has made it possible for the fist time worldwide to displace the use of chemicals in the precleaning process of aluminium coils. The noted American technical journal MODERN METALS publishes a 3-page colour report on this innovation in its November issue 2007.


    Environmental revolution in coil coating - Plasma replaces chemistry in the innovative Plasmatreat process

  • Plasma treatment of aluminium surfaces: Ultrafine cleaning without use of wet chemical processes

    Protection of aluminium parts against corrosion and a high degree of environmental friendliness by avoiding the use of wet chemicals in the cleaning process for aluminium sheet are the main topics of a report in the German technical journal ALUMINIUM, issue 11/2007.


    Microfine cleaning without wet-chemical processes

  • Atmospheric-pressure plasma treatment doubly effective

    Openair plasma technology conditions surfaces in two respects. Depending on the process and product concerned either cleaning or activation of the surface is the centre of attention. Its economic efficiency relative to the low-pressure process is one of the key topics of the report in the German technical journal PLASTVERARBEITER, issue 10/2007.


    Atmospheric-pressure plasma treatment doubly effective


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