• Protects the environment and the pocket

    Atmospheric-pressure plasma treatment is a versatile, economically efficient and environmentally compatible tool in processes for cleaning, activating and coating surfaces composed of plastic and metal. The German technical journal INDUSTRIE ANZEIGER in issue 21/2007 reports on the optimisation of adhesive bonding processes by the use of atmospheric-pressure plasma.


    Protects the environment and the pocket

  • "Give Leaks No Chance" - Plasma-pre-treatment protects electronics

    Electronic circuits and components have to be reliably encapsulated to protect them against dust and moisture. Many electronics companies now use a surface-pre-treatment technology that up until now was only found in the automotive sector: Openair-Plasma.
    The German professional journal KUNSTSTOFFE (Plastics) reports on this topic in detail in its issue 5/2007.


    Give Leaks No Chance

  • From perfume bottle to speedometer display - surface treatment prior to painting

    Pretreatment with atmospheric pressure plasma is arousing ever more interest among users who require microscopically fine precleaning and high activation of surfaces prior to the painting process. In its 4/2007 issue the technical journal JOT (Journal für Oberflächentechnik [Journal for Surface Technology]) carries a report on the wide-ranging use of Openair® plasma prior to painting.

    The original publication is available at springerprofessional.de


    Plasma Pretreatment: From perfume bottle to speedometer display

  • Secure protection for electronic components

    “In-line casting with integrated plasma treatment” is the subject of the joint report by Scheugenpflug AG and Plasmatreat GmbH which appeared in issue 4/2007 of the journal ADHÄSION. For the perfect casting of electronic components, fully automated casting installations are equipped with an atmospheric pressure plasma unit for pretreating the component housings. This unit provides microscopically fine precleaning and activation of the surfaces of the workpieces.

    The original publication is available at springerprofessional.de


    In-Line Casting with Integrated Plasma Treatment: Secure protection for electronic components

  • “A Brilliant Finish” - Use of plasma prior to surface coating

    If products made of plastics, metals or glass with an aristocratic look are to make a positive impact, particularly good pretreatment prior to that final surface coating is essential. Ultrafine precleaning and high activation of surfaces is provided by atmospheric pressure “Openair” Plasma. A four-page report in the 3/2007 issue of the American magazine FTM (Finishing Today Magazine) describes applications of plasma ranging from its use in the automotive sector, through housings for hand-held mobile telephones to perfume bottles.

    A Brilliant Finish

  • “Plasma the 4th state of matter”

    Under this banner heading the noted British technical journal BP&R (British Plastics & Rubber) introduced in its 2/2007 issue an extensive special report on the industrial applications of this state of matter resulting from the development of OPENAIR® Plasma and the Plasmatreat jet systems employed in-line in production processes.


    Plasma the 4th state of matter


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