Our mission and vision

Plasma is going global

Every surface a plasmatreated surface: Plasmatreat's motto is all about the infinite possibilities of plasma technology. Right now, plasma is making surface treatment processes all over the world more sustainable, more efficient and more cost-effective. As the world market leader in Openair-Plasma® technology, Plasmatreat has been making major advances in research and industrial applications since 1995.

Dialogue between science and industry

We have consolidated our extensive range of training and continuing professional development courses under one roof at the Plasmatreat Academy. In so doing, we aim to create more opportunities for productive exchanges between science and industry – a forum where new ideas can grow and flourish. We do this by working closely with leading experts from various fields who have one thing in common: they all understand the extraordinary potential of plasma – for individual applications and in a global context.

Rich resources – open access

The Academy has all Plasmatreat's resources at its disposal. Plasmatreat Research & Development, Applications Engineering and Innovation Management departments work closely together every day – and regularly come up with exciting new ideas for the Academy agenda.

As an Academy participant, you benefit from the latest technical facilities and a strong network of international partners drawn from research institutes, industrial companies, associations and universities. Our main concern is to raise awareness about plasma as a versatile and environmentally friendly surface treatment medium – and this informs everything we do. So our events are also open to interested parties who are not associated already with us as customers or partners. We welcome your suggestions for discussion, so please submit your proposals to:


Your Contact

Erhard Krampe - Head of Plasmatreat Academy

mail: academy@plasmatreat.com
Tel.: +49 5204 9960-1074