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The Plasmatreat Academy's webinar program proved very popular right from the start. Our first Plasma Talks alone attracted up to 250 users. The interactive webinars are ideal for those who want to learn more about Plasmatreat and plasma technology and broaden their knowledge conveniently without having to travel. All our content is available to download worldwide and scheduled for at least two time zones.

In our Plasma Talks we regularly discuss industry-specific issues too: We offer units on applications for atmospheric plasma in the electronics, printing and automotive industry alongside cross-sector material-related discussions about plasma treatments for plastics, metals and glass. To satisfy global demand, we ensure that our Plasma Talks are in English, at least. On request we will gladly endeavor to accommodate our international colleagues and meet your needs – linguistically and thematically.

We aim to continuously expand our digital program. Let us know your preferred language or topic suggestions. Email us at academy@plasmatreat.com.

An up-to-date summary of our webinar program can be found on this page. Find out more about our in-person events under events.

  • Plasma Talk (english), September 22: (past)

    Plasma activation – and how to measure it

    You haven't heard about surface activation by Openair-Plasma® for Bonding Processes? And if so, are you sure it is difficult to measure?

    Then you are in the right place in this Plasma Talk! You cannot see it but measure: The surface free energy (SFE). What is that and why is it such an important indicator for adhesion?

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  • Plasma Talk (english), September 29:

    Openair-Plasma® in the Automotive Industry – an enabling technology

    Why is surface treatment that important? Where can treatment be applied in your process/facility/production? How can costs be reduced with surface modification?

    If these are questions you deal with during your daily work, you are invited to participate in this Plasma Talk from Tim Smith, CTO of Plasmatreat North America.

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  • Plasma Talk (english), October 13:

    Openair-Plasma® technology – enabling high quality bonding solutions for battery manufacturing

    Are you involved in electromobility? Do you want to upscale your production with a fully automated process control? Do you have any issues with bonding defects which can cause thermal problems?

    In this free of charge Plasma Talk Lukas Buske will showcase the main benefits of using Openair-Plasma® applications during the battery assembly process.

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  • Plasma Talk (english), October 27:

    PlasmaPlus® AntiCorr technology – the solution to avoiding bondline corrosion

    Do you have problems with bondline and crevice corrosion on your sealing system? Are you looking for a reliable, environmentally friendly way to improve the corrosion resistance of your product?

    In this free of charge Plasma Talk Lukas Buske will outline the capabilities and benefits of PlasmaPlus® anti corrosion coatings.

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