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The Plasmatreat Academy's webinar program proved very popular right from the start. Our first PlasmaTalks alone attracted up to 250 users. The interactive webinars are ideal for those who want to learn more about Plasmatreat and plasma technology and broaden their knowledge conveniently without having to travel. All our content is available to download worldwide and scheduled for at least two time zones.

In our PlasmaTalks we regularly discuss industry-specific issues too: We offer units on applications for atmospheric plasma in the electronics, printing and automotive industry alongside cross-sector material-related discussions about plasma treatments for plastics, metals and glass. To satisfy global demand, we ensure that our PlasmaTalks are in English, at least. On request we will gladly endeavor to accommodate our international colleagues and meet your needs – linguistically and thematically.

We aim to continuously expand our digital program. Let us know your preferred language or topic suggestions. Email us at academy@plasmatreat.com.

An up-to-date summary of our webinar program can be found on this page. Find out more about our in-person events under events.

PlasmaTalks Archiv 2020!

  • PlasmaTalk (english), February 09, 2021

    Set up of a Plasma System

    “How can plasma modify the surface of my application?”
    “How can I use this technology in my production process?”
    “Which material can be treated?”
    “When is a surface preparation required before plasma treatment?”

    If these are the questions you are dealing with, visit our PlasmaTalk by Tanja Pawlenko. Learn more about our Openair-Plasma® technology and how to set up a plasma system.
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  • PlasmaTalk (english): March 02, 2021

    Electronics 4 - Openair-Plasma® for semiconductor and packaging

    Can I use Openair-Plasma® for semiconductor applications? Yes, most of the applications done in a vacuum process can also be done in an Openair-Plasma® process.

    Why should I consider using an Openair-Plasma® process if my current process is working fine?
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  • PlasmaTalk (english): March 24, 2021

    Activation of Polymers by Openair-Plasma® (2) - Expansion of the application range for various plastics

    The treatment with Openair-Plasma® brings about a targeted, site-selective change in surface properties. In industrial applications, this improves adhesion and normally incompatible polymers can be reliably bonded.


    Dr. Alexander Knospe demonstrates the possibilities of plasma treatment in the plastics industry and provides insights into the function and advantages of this technology.

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