A question of surface tension

BOBST is the leading supplier of equipment and services in the folding-carton, corrugated board and flexible materials converting industries.
In line with its policy of always offering high performance solutions to its customers, BOBST has signed an exclusive deal with Plasmatreat to represent their Openair-Plasma® systems in the area of packaging folding and gluing.

Surface tension is the key to the bonding of synthetic laminated, varnish coated and fully plastic boxes.
With low surface tension, the resultant bond is poor because adhesion occurs only at the points where glue droplets form. However, following atmospheric plasma treatment and the consequent rise in surface tension above 72mN/m, the adhesive will adhere to the entire surface and will form a homogeneous high strength bond. It is to ensure this homogeneous bond that plasma treatment is carried out in-line, immediately before gluing.

Thanks to this exclusive agreement with Plasmatreat, BOBST has made it possible for its customers to benefit from the clear economic advantages of reducing their glue investment when processing laminated boxes, and of reducing print costs, by removing the need to create varnish cut-outs on varnished boxes – all the while maintaining high production speeds.

Openair-Plasma® Systems:

  • easy to install on the machine
  • environmentally friendly
  • delivered with the necessary fittings and interfaces for any BOBST or competitor folder-gluer

With these advantages, Openair-Plasma® treatment is, without doubt, a system that will gain the attention of many converters who are searching for quality improvement solutions.

Philippe Millioud
Parts-Sales Manager
BOBST SA / Switzerland

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