News: Openair-Plasma treatment for durable and efficient batteries

Battery Cells & Systems Expo in Birmingham (hall 3, booth 1106)

At the Battery Cells and Systems Expo (June 28th – 29th 2023) in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Plasmatreat will show various equipment and systems to demonstrate Openair-Plasma surface treatment in hall 3 at booth 1106. Plasma is the fourth state of matter and is created by adding energy to gas. Plasmatreat only uses compressed air and electricity to generate its Openair-Plasma. This technology enables an increased wettability and adhesion on various substrate surfaces for make further processes like bonding, painting, lacquering, sealing or printing possible. In the battery industry pretreatment with Openair-Plasma technology can be used e.g. for optimization of electrical insulation, cell-to-cell bonding, structural bonding in a battery module, cleaning battery terminals before contact, coating the overall housing of the battery module for active corrosion protection. Using a demo unit equipped with a Scara Janome, the company will demonstrate the treatment of a prismatic cell prior to painting and subsequent stacking. "With the wide range of different nozzles and generators and the different handling systems we use for plasma treatment, we can offer our customers exactly the solution they need for their particular process and production environment. With the Scara Janome, for example, there is now also a simple method for pretreating geometric products, such as the treatment of prismatic cells," explains Andrew Nixon, Sales Manager at Plasmatreat UK Ltd.

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