News: Plasmatreat North America at NPE 2024

Pioneering advancements and forward-thinking initiatives in plastics manufacturing is the focus of Plasmatreat North America at NPE2024 at booth W7479.

With its Openair-Plasma technology, the world market leader for atmospheric plasma technology presents a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional surface treatments for plastics. Trade show visitors will experience a demonstration of treatment and printing on polypropylene, which is a material that has a low surface energy making it challenging for inks to adhere properly. Plasmatreat will demonstrate how their technology can enhance the surface tension to greatly improve printability. In addition, visitors can watch real-time demonstrations of various plastic materials and learn how to test and measure surface readiness. Plasmatreat enables the future by collaborating with customers in the development of innovative, new products that change the world.

How Openair-Plasma and PlasmaPlus optimize industrial processes.
When plasma with its high energy level comes into contact with materials, it changes the surface properties, for example from hydrophobic to hydrophilic. Plasma technology requires only compressed air and electricity for operation. Fine cleaning with Openair-Plasma gently and reliably removes dust, release agents, additives, plasticizers and hydrocarbons from surfaces. Especially with non-polar plastics, plasma treatment achieves surface activation. It supports the increase of surface energy by introducing hydroxyl groups and thus improves adhesion in subsequent processes such as bonding, printing, painting and sealing. Plasmatreat's PlasmaPlus technology can also be used to create targeted functionalized surfaces with defined properties by applying (depositing) nanocoatings, e.g. as an additional adhesion promoter layer.