News: Plasmatreat shows Openair-Plasma live

Paintexpo 2022: Perfect Painting Results on Surfaces Thanks to Plasma Technology - Without Using Primers

How surface treatment with Openair-Plasma supports and optimizes the painting process will be presented by Plasmatreat in Hall 1, Booth 1210 in Karlsruhe. 

The leading developer and manufacturer of atmospheric plasma systems for the pretreatment of material surfaces will demonstrate and explain the different treatment processes for various materials: activation, cleaning and coating. Visitors can experience the clean and primer-free plasma treatment of components live at the booth. 

If materials can be painted poorly or not at all, the reason is usually their low surface energy and adhesion properties. Only if the surface energy of the material to be painted is higher than that of the corresponding paints can homogeneous wettability and thus optimum adhesion be guaranteed. 

Openair-Plasma pretreatment achieves this wettability by means of highly effective fine cleaning (for metal or glass) or gentle activation (for plastic) of the surface. This creates the optimum conditions for painting and has a positive influence on the amount of paint required while maintaining the same quality appearance.

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