PR: Innovative plasma processes for long-term stable battery modules

Electromobility picks up speed with Plasmatreat

As a specialist in surface technology, Plasmatreat offers process-safe, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for the battery industry - from cleaning and activation for long-term stable connections to highly effective functional coatings for reliable corrosion protection. The result: higher battery performance, leaner manufacturing processes, and lower costs. 

The battery is the heart of every electric vehicle. Its performance is a decisive factor in the success of electromobility. The demands placed on manufacturers are correspondingly high, especially with regard to leak tightness, ensuring battery thermal management and contact between the individual battery cells. Here, the innovative plasma technologies from Plasmatreat are the key to success. Whether intensive ultra-fine cleaning, efficient surface activation or anti-corrosion coating: the inline processes guarantee maximum process stability and help to increase the efficiency of the battery pack while reducing production costs.

Multi-talented plasma: cleaning, activating, coating
On the way from individual cells to battery modules and packs, Plasmatreat's Openair-Plasma technology is used in a variety of applications. For example, the aluminum surface must be optimally cleaned and activated before the (insulation) bonding of the individual cells to each other, so that there are no failures due to overheated cells later on throughout the entire service life. Absolute freedom from particles is also absolutely essential for electrical contacting. Plasma treatments also enable improved adhesion when bonding the heat-conducting plate under the battery (thermal management) and ensure complete sealing of the battery housing. Regardless of the type of sealing system (sprayed, bonded or FIPG), joints made of aluminum and plastic are highly susceptible to infiltration due to the difference in H2O affinity. Highly effective protection is provided by the plasma polymer nanocoating PlasmaPlus from Plasmatreat. This is applied to the metallic component after cleaning and activation with Openair-Plasma. This creates a media-tight bond in the subsequent injection molding process. In this way, a significant increase in the barrier effect against corrosive electrolytes is provided and, at the same time, extremely high and long-term stable corrosion protection.

High-performance batteries for electromobility
Openair-Plasma technology, which is easy to integrate inline, enables an efficient process flow without separate chamber systems. This makes Openair-Plasma ideal for fully automated pretreatment in the production of battery modules and battery packs in high volumes and at high process speeds.

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