PR: Plasmatreat inviting new premises for Japanese subsidiary in Osaka

More capacity for testing facilities and technical equipment, optimal rail connections

Nihon Plasmatreat, the Japanese subsidiary of the Germany’s Plasmatreat GmbH, now offering its customers even more convenience on site with the relocation of its Osaka branch. The world market leader for atmospheric plasma technology is expanding its area for test facilities and laboratory equipment, thus optimizing the service for customers and interested parties in all aspects of innovative plasma technology in western Japan.

The German Plasmatreat GmbH, based in Steinhagen, Germany, is a sought-after partner for a wide range of industries. Innovative plasma technology has the potential to improve countless processes such as bonding, printing or painting through targeted surface modification. It can be used for a wide variety of materials, including plastics, metal and glass. Plasma not only makes processes more reliable and efficient, but also significantly more environmentally friendly. This opens up completely new possibilities in production processes for industry and provides an answer to many unsolved material issues. The Openair-Plasma and PlasmaPlus technology developed by Plasmatreat is also in high demand on the Japanese market.

More space for demonstration and research at the Osaka branch
Various industries, especially electronics and automotive electronics in Japan, are already using Plasmatreat’s plasma technology and are in contact and exchange with Nihon Plasmatreat at the two locations in Tokyo and Osaka. With the relocation of the Osaka branch within the city, customers and interested parties now benefit from expanded opportunities to demonstrate the innovative technology as well as the best conditions for research and development. The new premises offer significantly more square meters of space for technical equipment, laboratory facilities and plasma systems for demonstration and testing purposes. Nihon Plasmatreat has taken advantage of this by expanding its equipment to include, among other things, a new testing device for testing the tensile strength of material joints using plasma. "We plan to expand our existing equipment in the near future with another Plasma Treatment Unit (PTU) for live demonstrations of Openair-Plasma and PlasmaPlus, a Plasma Control Unit (PCU) that provides a wide range of control, regulation and monitoring functions for digitized manufacturing, and a REDOX-tool. With this special PTU, we can reliably remove oxide layers from metal surfaces - a very exciting topic for the electronics industry," explains Ichiro Uesaka, General Manager of Nihon Plasmatreat. "We look forward to welcoming our customers and business partners to our new facilities and meeting rooms."

Best connections to western Japan
In addition, the new location, just 15 minutes away from Shin-Osaka Station, provides even better accessibility for customers in western Japan, which has traditionally relied heavily on rail transportation. "With the expanded facilities, our team can now better serve the needs of customers in western Japan and provide them with comprehensive local support. The central location close to the train station is also a real plus: not only can our customers reach us more easily, but we are can also be on our way even faster to provide services," says a pleased Ichiro Uesaka.

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