Success Story with Heinz-Glas

Scoring points with a premium look by using plasma before bonding and printing.

The second largest global flacon manufacturer, the German HEINZ-GLAS Corporation, annually produces millions of luxurious and high-quality perfume flacons with exclusive designs through a fully automated production process. The final product is successfully sold to places around the world.

Numerous glass finishing techniques employed by the company also included pad printing for lettering and logo imprinting for their various, often highly distinguished product brands. For several years now this extraordinary glass manufacturer has employed Openair-Plasma® in performing the necessary pretreatment of the glass bottle surfaces for the purpose of cleaning and activation. Initial experiments with flame treatment did not create the desired result. Flame among other concerns could not meet the company’s strict safety requirements in their production environment. 

Today, the atmospheric plasma system is fully integrated in the production process. Pretreatment is robot-controlled immediately before the imprinting process. Plasma is not only used for imprinting but also for bonding processes since increasingly perfume manufacturers have changed their flacons appearances through decorations with small design elements. 

Applications like this usually provide for two Openair-Plasma® nozzles of type RD1004 with a large nozzle head and a treatment range of 40 mm each. The components move along under the nozzles at the constant speed of the conveyor system. 

Openair-Plasma® offers the user the following values:

  • Clear improvement of the adhesion
  • Better quality of the imprint appearance
  • Realization of complex, multi-part flacons
  • Cost efficiency

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