Success Story with Mamur Teknoloji

With Openair-Plasma technology, Mamur Teknoloji has replaced primer to achieve long-term stable plastic-glass joints.

Mr. Baris Oz

Mamur Teknoloji

Compared to conventional pretreatment methods, plasma offers a number of advantages, such as high quality surface treatment, simple and fast application, cost-efficient production, and process reliability. Plasma is also clearly ahead in terms of environmental friendliness. It is a clean technology, thanks to which we can dispense with the use of hazardous and environmentally harmful chemicals. This also benefits occupational safety.

- Mr. Baris Oz, Mamur Teknoloji

By switching from primers to Plasmatreat's Openair-Plasma technology, Turkish household appliance manufacturer Mamur Teknoloji Sistemleri has been able to improve the bond strength of plastic-glass joints in gas stoves, optimize its processes, and increase productivity - all while reducing costs. 

Plastic and glass are difficult to bond together. If the two materials are nevertheless to be joined, surface pretreatment is absolutely essential. Chemical substances are usually used as bonding agents. Mamur Teknoloji also used primers for a long time. But the classic method was too cost-intensive, too inflexible and not environmentally friendly enough for the Turkish household appliance manufacturer.

Therefore, Mamur Teknoloji switched to Plasmatreat's Openair-Plasma technology for the production of gas cooktops for bonding plastic pins to the tempered glass plate. Pretreating the non-polar polymers with atmospheric pressure plasma significantly increases the surface energy. This ensures better wettability of the pin surface and also greater stability of the bond between the plastic pin, adhesive and tempered glass plate. Deformation is eliminated and high product quality is ensured. 

Plasma treatment takes place with an effective jet width of 10 mm and a speed of 20 mm per second. Thanks to the high processing speeds and optimum integration into the production process, surface treatment with plasma is completed much faster than with primers. This has enabled Mamur Teknoloji to significantly increase productivity compared to the past. Additional work steps such as those required for primer application are no longer necessary. Adhesion is also impressive right down the line. The surfaces to be bonded adhere much better to each other. Tests have shown that the adhesive strength of the plastic-glass bond with plasma technology is 1.6 times higher than after treatment with primers. The long-term stability of the bonded joint was also improved, which has a positive effect on the service life of the gas cooktops. 

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