Durable adhesion with PT-Bond

PT-Bond is a special nanolayer created with our PlasmaPlus® technology to achieve functionalized surfaces. When PT-Bond is used, a gaseous precursor is injected into the plasma beam that is generated under atmospheric pressure (i.e., under normal conditions). The substrate is coated with an ultra-thin, transparent plasma-polymer layer, which serves as a bonding agent.


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AEC Illuminazione Srl -
Pre-treatment of glass and stainless steel for street lamps

This video shows the following benefits of the PlasmaPlus® treatment: 

  • Automation of the complete bonding process
  • Replacing primers
  • High process speed, no drying time, no solvents
  • Cost reduction: Enables replacement of several preformed gasket types with one PUR-FIPG (polyurethane formed-in-place gasket)

Resistant adhesion of plastics with PT-Bond

The VOC-free PT-Bond plasma technology can replace nearly all water- and solvent-based primers during the preparation of surfaces in industrial production.

Plastic adhesion must fulfill certain requirements for it to be better than mechanical bonding: The durability of the bond must be guaranteed and the strict process requirements observed (DIN 2304).

Gluing glass safely with PT-Bond

When aesthetics and robustness are the priority, glass is the preferred material; however, the chemical resistance of glass makes it very hard to glue without using a special primer. 
This is why, when applying a primer as a bonding agent, it is important to avoid contamination caused by overspraying in the visible area by masking. 

Over the years, glass bonds must withstand forces caused by uneven thermal expansion coefficients. Force-transmitting adhesives such as STPU, PU, or SM polymers do not stick without a bonding agent or do so poorly.

The PT-Bond coating maximizes the durability of adhesives on glass. The fracture pattern is always cohesive: The bond is stronger than the adhesive itself – even when subject to extreme loads.

Durable metal bonding with PT-Bond

Hybrid bonds with metals may prove to be challenging, since many adhesives are adequate for one of the materials but unsuitable for the other. Pretreating the surface with PT-Bond improves the strength of the adhesive and ensures a durable and stable bond. Unlike conventional primer application, the application of PT-Bond also allows seamless integration into production processes, which is characterized, for example, by complete automation and eliminated drying times.


PT-Bond for plastics, glass & metal

  • Universal application
  • Targeted application
  • Durable bonds
  • Sustainable process
  • Streamlined production processes
  • Comprehensive process monitoring
  • Fully automated