Openair® Plasma pretreatment: high adhesion values and long-term surface tension without toxic chemicals

In numerous customer studies, the effects of different physical pretreatment methods such as corona and plasma pretreatment as well as chemical fluorizing were investigated in depth and compared with one another. Critical assessment criteria were the level of activation achieved on the profiles, the adhesion values, and the durability of the pretreatment.

The results speak clearly in favor of plasma pretreatment. The Openair® Plasma process proved to offer excellent long-term stability, similar to that of fluorizing. EPDM profiles pretreated using the corona method showed a significant drop in surface tension only a short while after treatment.

Compared with fluorizing, pretreatment with Openair® Plasma as a purely physical process delivers major processing and cost advantages. Moreover, the plasma technique is very much kinder to the environment as it requires no chemicals whatsoever.


Primers out - Plasma in

For the Golf IV, Volkswagen developed an additional bonded door seal to prevent wind noise. This self-adhesive seal made of EPDM rubber was also be fixed with spots of an MS adhesive at the ends.

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Painting and bonding EPDM seals

EPDM profiles for the automobile industry are pretreated with Openair® plasma before painting or flocking at Hutchinson in Aachen, Germany. The advantages: scrap reduction, increased production, and the highest process safety reliability.

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