High-temperature gaskets used to seal engines or equipment in the petrochemicals industry are often subjected to harsh conditions including high temperatures and pressures. For this reason, steel elastomer gaskets are often selected for these applications.


A defective cylinder head gasket is quite critical for the entire engine. Depending on the type of damage either the cooling or the lubrication of the engine can be affected.
Aurora low pressure plasma achieves functional coatings for high-temperature gaskets: adhesion promotion, hydrophobic coatings and non-stick coatings.


For production of these gaskets, Aurora plasma technology provides an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical adhesion promoters.

To ensure that the steel and elastomer materials are securely, stably and durably bonded, the metallic part surfaces are coated in a low-pressure plasma chamber using a nano-scale adhesion promoting layer. This low-pressure plasma technology delivers effective, homogeneous coating and allows for high-volume processing.


Super-hydrophobic Non-stick coating of high-temperature (HT) gaskets

Another application for this technology is in non-stick coatings, particularly those using fluoropolymer chemistry. These coatings prevent the gasket from sticking to the component. Gaskets that have been coated in this way can still be easily removed from the component even after they have aged a great deal.


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