Corrosion creep along adhesive and sealant bondlines due to moisture penetration is a typical phenomenon in mating surfaces. Even good adhesion of the adhesive or sealant cannot completely rule out the risk of oxidative attack on the substrate itself.

Plasmatreat collaborated with the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials (IFAM) to develop the atmospheric plasma coating PlasmaPlus®. This is applied to the substrate at the same time as the plasma, thus effectively protecting the base material from bondline corrosion.

Uncoated engine flange surface
Engine flange surface coated with PlasmaPlus

Even ultra-thin, nano-scale layers of this silica-organic coating achieve the desired long-term corrosion protection. This application has already been used successfully in industry for several years to manufacture electrohydraulic power steering systems (EHPS).

Compared with uncoated components, parts treated with plasma polymerization achieve significantly better resistance to environmental factors.

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