High-tech composites: Release agents eliminated thanks to Openair-Plasma® and Aurora Plasma technology

The use of fiber-reinforced plastics offer considerable advantages in terms of weight savings when building aircraft. In this dimension, fiber-reinforced plastics, particularly carbon fiber (CFRP) and glass fiber (GFRP), are substantially more stable than metallic structures.

The production of the predominantly large-area components takes place as a layer structure of so-called "prepregs" in the autoclave. To ensure easy demolding, it is necessary to address the adhesion to the mold itself. Solvent-based release agents such as Frekote® are often used. Release agents of this type have the disadvantage that residues remain on the component during demolding. These must be removed in complex manual work steps.

Permanent release layer for demoulding in the production of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP)

Plasma polymerization release coatings for clean and easy demolding

The application of plasma-polymer separation layers offers a clear alternative here. Depending on the complexity and size of the component, the layers are applied in the Openair-Plasma® Plasmaplus® process (atmospheric) or in the Aurora plasma process (low-pressure chamber process).

Benefits of plasma release coatings:

  • No elaborate manual cleaning, thus increasing cycle times
  • No contamination in the mold and the component
  • No solvent-based release agents and cleaners, VOC reduction
  • Improved, uniform surface quality and structure
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