Prepreg materials (pre-impregnated fibers) are pre-impregnated textile semi-finished products which are used for producing fiber-reinforced components. Under pressure and temperature several layers of pre-pregs are melted together. In addition to the arrangement of the prepregs, the optimum adhesion of the fiber to the reaction resin is most critical for the later stability of the complete component.

Pre-treatment of fabric using Aurora Plasma

Effective load transfer between the fiber and the matrix resin requires a clean fiber surface before the resin is applied. By pretreatment of the fiber tissue with Aurora plasma, an optimum penetration ability is achieved.

Plasma pre-treatment significantly improves the wettability and thus the bonding of the fabric to the plastic. The improvement in the fiber adhesion leads to an improvement in the stability of the component.
Low pressure plasma roll-to-roll system for the treatment of high value fabrics, films and foils.

Pretreatment of fabric webs in contract manufacturing

Plasmatreat offers contract manufacturing services (toll treatment) through their 4th State Inc. subsidiary for pretreatment of tissue webs before processing to the prepreg. For this purpose, a low-pressure plasma special system with a treatment width of 1.50m (60 inch) including wrapping (roll-to-roll) is available.


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