High-tech for bicycle racing, environmentally responsible production: carbon-fiber composites removed from molds without use of release agents

Use of carbon-fiber composites makes high-performance bicycles extremely light and strong. To reduce wind resistance, shapes must be designed to be absolutely aerodynamic. Bicycle frames are manufactured in a multi-layering process and then thermally cured in an autoclave.

Release agents are required to then remove these complex individual parts from the molds. Residues of these release agents remain on the surface after demolding and then must be removed in an elaborate process.

Environmentally responsible demolding in modern bicycle production

Openair-Plasma® combined with PlasmaPlus® is used to replace these release agents with a plasma polymer nano-coating that securely adheres to the mold. This means that no unwanted release agent remains on the surface when parts are removed from the mold.

In a subsequent step, the finished frames are completely scanned using a robot system and optimally prepared with RD1004 rotating plasma jets for the painting that follows. This also means that environmentally responsible, water-based paint systems can be used without any difficulty.


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