Openair-Plasma® systems for the activation of plastic films with long-term stability

To be able to print and coat plastic films, the surface tension of the material must first be increased. In addition, coating requires long-term stability of surface activation. In the methods previously available, such as corona treatment or flame treatment, surface tension decreases after a short time.

Pretreatment with the Openair-Plasma® process results in reliable surface activation of the plastic films – activation that displays outstanding long-term stability. Inks and coatings are optimally absorbed.

Openair-Plasma® film systems use special slot nozzles. They it make possible to reliably treat film with atmospheric-pressure plasma over any width. An additional positive side effect of treating the plastic with Openair-Plasma® is a noticeable anti-static effect.

Activation of films on winders

Openair-Plasma® systems for the treatment of plastic films – advantages and properties:

  • Pretreatment with long-term stability due to high surface activation
  • Possibility of partial activation
  • Additional cleaning effect of additives
  • Anti-static effect
  • Treatment width per nozzle = 25 mm
  • Single-sided pretreatment
  • High processing speeds
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