The static PFW70 plasma nozzle with a 70-mm treatment width is particularly suitable for components with a large surface area which require intensive and homogenous treatment.

Thanks to a modular arrangement of several nozzles, the treatment width can be increased flexibly to suit requirements.

Static PFW70 plasma nozzle
Static PFW70 plasma nozzle with linear treatment width for large-scale cleaning and activation

During pretreatment, the low-potential Openair-Plasma® beam can travel at a high speed relative to the surface of 200m/min with only minimal thermal effects. This allows heat-sensitive surfaces such as foils as well as other conductive materials to be treated effectively.

The PFW70 can be optionally fitted with a camera-based control system which enables the plasma intensity to be monitored across the entire treatment width.

Typical applications

  • Pretreatment of plastics before printing
  • Cleaning and activation of large glass surfaces
  • Pretreatment of metal foils
  • Microfine cleaning of electronic components
  • Pretreatment of heat-sensitive materials


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