Surface Treatment of Metals using Openair-Plasma®

Tuesday, 10-20-2020
60 min

Are you working with different kind of metals? Do you want to postprocess or bond them in combination with other materials? Do you face the challenge of corrosion daily? There are many ways where Openair-Plasma® can support you and help you optimize your process.

With Openair-Plasma® technology you can pretreat your product, prepare and protect it against external influences. Generally, the first step is to clean the metal surface with Openair-Plasma® which removes e.g. oil or other contaminations. Additionally, the oxide layer of various metals is modified and activated to ensure a strong adhesive bond.

If cleaning alone is not enough, the metals can be coated with PlasmaPlus® technology which adds a special nano layer on the surface providing new functionalities. An exemplary result is an exceptionally reliable and durable corrosion protection seal against environmental effects like warm humid climate, spray water, or salty mist.

In this free of charge PlasmaTalk by Tim Smith, CTO of Plasmatreat North America, will explain how Openair-Plasma® works, and what the plasma does to the substrate, focusing on metal applications. You will be able to evaluate how plasma optimizes your production process and how it helps you manufacture a durable, as well as safe, product.

After participating in this PlasmaTalk you will know more about:

  •     cleaning and removing fine organic contaminants from metals
  •     modifications of the oxide layers and activation due to plasma
  •     Plasma coatings to protect against corrosion

The PlasmaTalk will run for appr. 40 - 60 min. including FAQs. If you have a specific problem or question, please send your question in advance to and we will be happy to include it into the program.

Please be aware that we declare the time slot in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) respectively in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), because of our international audience. Please check your time zone while registration.