Plasma pretreatment of reinforcing fabrics, aramid fabrics

Aramid webs are technical fabrics which are used amongst other areas in the provision of high-performance tires, shot-blasting, heat-resistant textiles or for reinforcing components.

They are processed in injection molding machines, in continuous extrusion systems and in autoclaves.

Pretreatment of fabric webs in contract manufacturing

Plasma pretreatment significantly improves the wettability and thus the bonding of the fabric to the plastic. This engineered Aurora plasma functionalization process allows a wide range of new material combinations. The improvement in the fiber adhesion leads to an improvement in the stability of the component.

Plasmatreat offers pretreatment of fabric webs through the contract manufacturing/toll treatment division before processing to prepreg. For this purpose, a low-pressure plasma special system with a treatment width of 1.50m (60inch) including wrapping (roll-to-roll) is available.

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