Success Story with NanoCraft

Coil coating – very good test results.

Dr. Sabri Akari

Management NANOCRAFT

The advantages were obvious for our customers: a multitude of chemical treatment-steps can be replaced by a single efficient, environmentally friendly, and therewith cheaper, process.

- Dr. Sabri Akari, Management NANOCRAFT

NanoCraft, an independent research service provider, tested, on behalf of customers, the systems developed by Plasmatreat. The goals were to proof the applicability of Openair-Plasma® in the series production, as well as its efficacy in pre-treating, which means cleaning and activating, of surfaces to be coated. 

In the tests, the conventional chemical pre-treatment was used as reference system. In consideration of the material-plasma parameters to be optimized (plasma-focus, intensity/energy input), the qualitative equivalence with the conventional pre-treatment could be shown. The results obtained did not only prove the applicability and efficancy of atmospheric pressure plasma, the plasma pre-treatment achieved rather distinctly better results in many fields than the chemical reference.

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